Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The kids were playing in the sprinkler yesterday. Danny walked over to me and said, "So, Mommy, now I know why 15 plus 15 makes 30."

Random. So that's what his little brain is doing while he's out having fun in the yard.

I asked him why 15 plus 15 make 30.

"10 plus 10 makes 20 and 5 plus 5 makes 10."

Yep. He's a genius.

*   *   *

He climbed up on the counter while I was prepping dinner (these individual pizzas that are really yummy and super easy and after making them I'm pretty sure I'll never make a big homemade pizza ever again).

I had already smooshed the dough into twelve circles, six on each baking sheet.

"So, Mommy, looks like we're having pizza for dinner."

He starts a lot of his conversations with "So, Mommy..." nowadays.

I told him to count the pizzas and tell me how many we would each be able to eat for dinner.

"So six plus six makes twelve. So hmmmmm...that means Daddy gets three and Cate gets three and you get three and I get three."

Just like that. Maybe the hmmmmmm lasted for about 3 seconds. He was quick.

Know why?

He's a genius.

*   *   *

He can count by twos up to one hundred. He can count by fives and tens and on Sunday he counted by twenties up to two hundred. I think we'll start working on counting by threes and fours. Just while we're driving around though since I don't think he cares much about me trying to teach him stuff when it feels like I'm actually trying to teach him stuff.

*   *   *

Now, lest you feel badly that your kid (who hasn't even started kindergarten yet) isn't as mathletic as mine, don't. He hates to write anything. Sometimes he'll write his name but that's usually with a lot of moaning and groaning. He can recognize all the letters and numbers but getting him to write anything is a chore. And he holds his pencil wrong. And his crayon and his marker. He prefers to clench his fist so he can color really hard. We're working on that one but he is very resistant. 

He doesn't read very well yet either. I'm especially horrified by that one, seeing as how I'm an elementary school teacher (well, in my heart I am and on paper I used to be). He can recognize lots of words but I don't count it as full on reading. But like I've said before, I'm pretty sure that kindergarten teacher of his is going to need something to do all day so she might as well spend some of her time teaching my kid how to read.

*   *   *

And also, those pizzas really were delicious. You can make it super yummy by whatever toppings you use right? But the crust was really good.

We have leftovers because two kids didn't eat their fair share.

I'm thinking pizza for breakfast is in order.


Nita Davis said...

That is so awesome! Such a handsome little guy and so smart too.

Marisa said...

He IS a genius! That's so cool.

Those little pizzas look yummy. Did you use as much oil as she did? That was a lot of oil.

Arlene said...

I wish I could be his K teacher and let him do my math for me! Amazing child!