Thursday, April 19, 2012


We're missing Grama Bama around these parts.

She left Monday morning.

I've been doing my fair share of emotional eating since then. Luckily, I've only baked once in the past 3 days. Chocolate chocolate chip cakies. I made them at Aunt Judy's house so I wouldn't have them lying around the kitchen to gorge myself. That was a good idea since I stuffed my face while we were over there yesterday.

New diet starts tomorrow.

Just kidding. I say that a lot though.

I hope you moms with your own moms close by (who actually help you and are wonderful to your kids like mine is) know how good you've got it.

Miss you, Grama Bama. Hope we see you sooner rather than later.

p.s. I made that collage up there at Picnik. They're closing up shop today. I'm sad. I'll miss them too.