Tuesday, April 24, 2012

in my old age


I took the kiddies on a bike ride after dinner last night. They really were thrilled to go. You wouldn't know it from the looks on their faces in this picture though. Smiling lessons are on the to-do list now.

Know how much weight I was tugging along? I'd say close to 100 pounds. That pretty much makes me some kind of super hero right? Those kids are both hovering around 45 pounds each. How much does a bike trailer weigh? Tenish? Who knows. It's a workout regardless.

I pedaled our way down the street many blocks to the pool park. It's behind the outdoor pool so we call it the pool park. The sun was going down so it wasn't terribly hot or sunny. The kids played. I sat and remembered all the times I've gone to a park with little kids and saw other moms sitting and thought the day would never come when I could just sit at a park. No chasing around a toddler to keep them from wandering off. No spotting them on the ladders. No catching them at the bottom of the slide.

Well, my friends, my day has come. I take them to the park and I sit. It is lovely.

On our trek back home Danny was quite chatty. It's not so easy to chat with a kid in a bike trailer though. I had to keep turning my head to hear him. That's slightly dangerous seeing as how I almost ran into a parked car because of it.

Here's part of a little conversation we had (mostly word for word):

Mommy, how old were you when you got married? 19 or 20?

I wasn't 19 or 20. I was 24. {I was actually less than 3 months away from being 25 but I left that part out.}



How old was Daddy when you got married?

He was 27. {Actually less than 2 months away from being 28 but that got left out too.}



So you were 24 and Daddy was 27?



*   *   *   *

I love that kid. He's a hoot.

I hope I don't embarrass him at his high school graduation when people mistake me for his grandma.


Marisa said...

Congratulations on moving into the "Mom of Older Kids" bracket! Just sitting at the park is my favorite. Someday we might be able to sit AND read a book.

Kendra said...

I love your posts Cathy! You're hilarious. I also love your picture links on your sidebar. I've gotta figure out how to do that. :)

Janell R. Cropper said...

I'm slightly jealous of your park jaunts. My 2 year old has been joined at my hip since learning her youngest child status is in jeopardy. Enjoy those days for me!