Sunday, April 1, 2012

since friday

I waited to do most of the cleaning on Friday afternoon. What's the point of cleaning the house for Grama Bama's arrival any sooner than that? While I scrubbed away the kiddies played with a neighbor friend. We had walked down to her house to pick her up after she got home from kindergarten. Her mom told me that she was very excited to come over and play with "the grumpy one and the quiet one." That just kills me! She only sees my kids at church on Sunday so I guess that's why she thinks Cate is the quiet one. It's certainly not true anywhere else.


I headed to Target on Friday evening for a few things (and because if I didn't get out of the house alone I was going to explode). As I walked out of the store I noticed an airplane flying south. It looked like it was getting lower and lower. I thought that was strange since the airport is north of us. And that's when it hit me. Duh. My mom was on that plane. She was headed to the other airport. The smaller one we used this past summer.


Cate's had fun having an audience this weekend. Tea party! Don't you just love the new hat and skirt that Grama brought for her? So sparkly!


On Saturday afternoon Grama Bama got to meet up with her cousin, Helen (the one we had dinner with this past week). They haven't seen each other since they were teenagers living in Canada. I'm glad they got to see each other. One of them lives in Canada, the other lives in Alabama and they met up in Utah. Awesome.

Dan and I took Cate out to lunch since we had some coupons that were expiring that day. That was Cate's idea for a pose. I think she's got a future in modeling.

And today began the countdown to kindergarten. 150 days (give or take a day since the secretary at Danny's school wasn't sure which day kindergarten starts). I'm happy to have a humongous paper chain filling up my otherwise bare dining room wall. Paper chain art. Maybe we'll start a new trend in interior design.

Lots of smiles today.

And exactly one year ago today too.


JCM said...

Is it actually possible that Mom looks younger this year? Ya'll are so lucky to have her visit again. Please take good care of her. And make sure Cate wears that outfit often - she's rockin!

Cathy said...

I think she does younger...or less tired. We are taking very good care of her!

debra said...

I love all of your paper chains. I have a fabric one I made for Christmas. It's reusable, but Christmas fabric, so only for Christmas.

Cathy said...

A fabric chain! You're a genius, Debra. I'm going to have to buy some fabric and get crafty!

debra said...

I'm not a genius. I stole it from someone else. It was pretty easy. I just used that fusible stuff that you iron on then cut them with pinking shears. I sewed on the velcro though, but you could probably use the sticky kind if you want to go completely no-sew.