Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I hopped on the bandwagon this afternoon.

Instagram for Android! Yippee!

My iPhone wishes and Instagram dreams have been fulfilled (even though I still don't have an iPhone so I guess that just means they've been halfway fulfilled).

I'm in the club.

Watch out Pinterest. I might have a new addiction.

Taking pictures with my phone and surrounding them with the little black border to make it look like old film...or something like that. Really, what does RVP 100 mean anyway? I have no clue.

I feel like I can sit at the cool table in the lunchroom now (even though I don't think I sat at a lunchroom table the entire time I was in high school...I ate my Doritos and chocolate milk outside on the grassy hill...not exactly the cool table).

You can follow me if you want. I'm @cathyolds. I'm not sure why you'd want to follow me though. I think that's just what people do. I don't even really know how you would go about following me either so never mind. I'm not very cool and I'll probably just post lots of the pictures here anyway. Whatever.

In other news, we're taking good care of Grama Bama and it's supposed to be sunny in the upper 60's tomorrow.


p.s. I'm also currently wasting time on my phone playing that silly drawing game. I've got fat fingers and I'm not using an iPad. That makes for some interesting drawings. I must admit that I'm loving playing with Dan though. He's quite the ar-teest. Seriously.


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I got on that band wagon too. :)

Why are we not following each already...

Marisa said...

I wish I could be a cool kid and follow people on Instagram. I don't even need to take pictures with it. I just want to follow people and look at their pictures.

My phone is just a phone. But I like it that way.

What's the drawing game?

Cathy said...

Evonne, I'd follow you but I honestly don't know how. Baby steps. At least I signed up.

Cathy said...

It's called Draw Something, Marisa. I've got my little phone screen and detail is just really hard to come by.

spatz said...

rvp 100 stands for reversal velvia for professionals. its the code for fuji's iso 100 slide film which for instagram means its copying 120 format film which usually gives 6x6cm images.