Thursday, February 2, 2012

on the second: eggs and a diamond

A few weeks ago, my neighbor friend gave me a dozen eggs. Cute little brown ones. She has her very own chickens in her backyard.

I'm not sure how long eggs can last in the fridge so I figured I should do something with them...or else.

So I tried out a little something I found whilst wasting time on the computer a while back. Making perfect hard boiled eggs. You know, like the kind that don't have that gray film on the yolk. Honestly, that's the kind I'm really good at making and I didn't really know that wasn't ok.

I followed the directions and they were perfect. No gray stuff. I ate one. It was eggy. I'm not a fan of hard boiled eggs but I do enjoy trying new things (like correctly hard boiling eggs for the first time in my life).

Now I'm not sure what to do with the other 11 hard boiled eggs in my fridge. Maybe I'll devil them up.

I'm thankful for eggs (especially when I want to make brownies or cookies).

Learning new skills in the kitchen (even though at 38 I really should've already known how to make a perfect hard boiled egg) makes me happy.

Dan showed Danny a clip of Neil Diamond singing "Sweet Caroline" on his iPad yesterday. Why? I don't really know. I was away at a church meeting. I try not to question a lot of things that go on when I'm away at my meetings.

Apparently Danny enjoyed it, especially the trumpets.

Tonight the music was played again. Danny sat and watched and even tried to sing along. To Neil Diamond! He got a big smile when the trumpets came in.

Dan picked up the kids and "danced" along to the music.

I'm thankful that at least one of my children appreciates Mr. Diamond as much as the grown ups in this house do.

Taking blurry pictures of my favorite people rocking out to "Sweet Caroline" makes me happy.


Judy said...

Jarrett & Kris love hard-boiled eggs. You can feed them to them. Or you can make deviled eggs and I will eat all of them.

debra said...

Eggs last a long time in the fridge. They can even be left unrefrigerated for quite a while if you're the daring sort.