Wednesday, February 1, 2012

on the first: sorting legos

I sat in Danny's room last night for at least and hour sorting Legos with him. I'm sad to say that I can't remember the last time I sat with him for an hour doing anything, much less something that I actually enjoyed.

You know how sometimes you sit and watch a kid show with your kids because you're trying to be a good little mommy and "bond" with them but you're actually not even "bonding" because you're just sitting there while they watch the show and you play that silly Jewels game on your phone? No? Just me? Oh, well.

Anyway, those Legos just sucked me in. I can't resist a good sort. I know they're not going to stay neatly compartmentalized for long. I get that. I couldn't help myself. I kept telling Danny how great it will be to have all the pieces separated, trying to show him all the advantages of my wicked neat freak skillz.

I think it worked. He seemed pretty excited to help me. OR maybe he was just excited that his normally negligent mother was actually sitting down with him and doing something with him and listening to him. It could be that.

He just jabbered on and on about Star Wars and this guy and that guy and which episode they're from and what this weapon is used for and isn't this cool? and wow! look at this! And I wished right then that he could just be this pleasant and happy around other people. You know, instead of the grouchy, grumpy, hangs his head and won't look at you and refuses to participate kid that he turns into. I know that's not who he is. I just wish you could see it too.

Maybe some day. I ask him why he does that and he says it's because he's shy. I can't blame him because I'm pretty much the same way (except for the head hanging). Looks like we've got some social skills to work on before kindergarten starts. The thought of my sweet little boy being the shy kid at recess that just wanders around alone makes me want to turn into the homeschooling mom. Eeeek.

My favorite compartment is that one on the bottom right. Hair and alien heads. I don't know why but that's just funny to me. And right beside it, guns. Next to that one, weapons that aren't guns. Above that one, horns, feathers and flames. See? This is fun stuff. We've got another container just like that one (saved from the Lego advent calendars) that's almost filled too. The big bin that fits under his bed now contains all the other stuff, big stuff and space ship parts and wheels and rectangular pieces and odds and ends.

I'm thankful for my Lego loving boy.

Sorting stuff makes me happy.

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Marisa said...

So cool! That looks awesome. I'm glad it could be quality time together. :)

J accidentally knocked one of our LEGO drawer units over the other day. I tell ya, reorganizing all that stuff was not nearly as fun as it was the first time.