Friday, February 3, 2012

on the third: talking time

Back in the quiet olden days (the ones before we had kids), I used to tell Dan that we'd end up with kids in special ed since we were both special ed teachers.

One down, one to go.

Remember how Danny had a speech evaluation done before Christmas?

Well, he qualified for services. He has his very own sparkly new IEP. Since he's not in kindergarten yet, we opted for the 60 minutes a week plan called Talking Time (instead of the 20 minutes a week plan that he'll probably do if he still needs help when school starts).

We go to class on Friday mornings. Today was his fourth time. He doesn't like to sing, which isn't good since they do a lot of the sounds and review stuff through singing.

He got picked to hold the baton and conduct the closing song today. It's a goodbye song and he's been ok to sing that one most of the times. The teacher has a bucket full of different sticks to choose from. He picked the one that looks like a big feather duster. And then the singing started.

He stood there in front of everyone (which was just 2 other kids and a mom and a dad) and turned bright red. His face was down. He didn't move. Just stood there with his feather duster up in front of him.

Man, I felt so bad for him...until the song was over and he turned around and tickled the teacher with that feather duster right on her nose! Then he started giggling. Honestly, I can't figure him out.

He's passed off his s sound (he usually has a pretty good lisp) and we've moved on to s blends. sc, st, sw, sm, sn. Those are tricky for him. Usually when he yells at Cate to stop crying or making noise or tackling him he says, "Chop it!"

Wish us luck.

Today's craft was a moose hat because the teacher read a story about moose tracks (and both those words end with s and that was the sound of the day). Look at that kid. Adorable.

I'm thankful that my boy can get the help he needs.

Bendy ears under a moose hat make me happy.


Arlene (CK) said...

Cuter than the day is long!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

He is such a doll.

I am starting to wonder if my two year old will ever learn to talk. Mmm, maybe I should be more worried.