Friday, January 20, 2012

not funny

A certain someone is still not asleep. His mother would like to go to sleep.

I sat in the bathroom with him as he washed his hands after emptying his bladder for the 3rd time since putting him to bed tonight.

I asked him why he still wasn't asleep. He said it was because of the funny day.

Apparently today was a funny day and the lingering after effects are just keeping him awake. All that funny residue is just floating around in his body and he can't find the time to just go to sleep.

I asked him what was so funny about today, mostly because I was with him for almost the whole thing and I don't remember a lot of funny stuff. Speech class, picking up Cate at Judy's house, the dinosaur museum, playing with Jarrett, picking up pizza for dinner, iPad games with Daddy, bed. Am I missing something? Some fun stuff but funny? Maybe he's just confused.

According to him, it was Jarrett, Ray Ray, Cate, and Daddy that made today so funny. Oh, all those people who spent so much time with him today. Hey, um, I think you forgot someone.

So I said, "Hey, what about me? I'm funny right?"

He told me no. I'm crushed. I'm not funny.

"I'm not funny? What am I then?"

"You're Mommy!"

"But I'm a funny mommy, right?"

"No! You're just Mommy!" He says this with a smile on his face and a little giggle at the end.


And then one last thing as I walked him back to his room.

"Don't forget the 5-year-old. Me! I'm totally 5!"

I guess he's totally funny too.

Then he blahblahblahed about some game he played with Jarrett today and I put the blankets on him again and walked out of the room, not quite sure who I am anymore.

I always knew I wasn't the fun mom. I'm no dummy. It's painfully clear.

Now I'm not the funny mom either.

ha. ha ha.

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Arlene (CK) said...

I think you're funny. :p