Wednesday, November 30, 2011

getting in touch with his feminine side

Alternate titles:

His Dad is Going to Kill Me for Letting this Happen

Good Thing Uncle Dave Doesn't Read My Blog

That's What Happens When the Cousin Closest to You in Age is a Girly Girl

Purple is His Color

* * * *

Fear not.

Ray Ray immediately started using his magic wand as a sword (or light saber or whatever kind of stick that you hit people with) right after I took these pictures.


Hunnygrams said...

Uncle Dave was sandwiched in between two older sisters and two younger sisters. Hence, we have photos of him in makeup, high heels, and pantyhose around Raymond's age. Good material for a lot of laughs. One of his ways of getting back when he was a little older was to tie his sisters in bed!

Hunnygrams said...

Also we decided the dress-up box needed some cowboy and super hero costumes added to it.

Cathy said...

Good to know, Elaine. Maybe he won't be too mad at me. Plus, Raymond did bring the dress to me "asking" for help to put it on. It was all his idea.