Monday, November 28, 2011

thoughts of the long weekend

I noticed this killer snowman on Danny's shelf on Saturday night. Should I be concerned?

Know what else happened Saturday night?

Cate coughed so hard she puked. Hooray. It was midnight. I went into her room to check on her because she was calling for me. I knelt beside her bed and she told me about the puke. I asked her where it was (since it was dark and I couldn't see and luckily I hadn't knelt in it). She told me it was on the floor.

Instead of just turning on the light, I put my hand on the floor and felt around for the puke. (I feel like a total crazy person just admitting that. It was late and I was tired. That's all I've got for an explanation.) Yay for me, I found it. And then I washed my hand.

Grama Bama and Grandpa flew back to sunny Alabama on Saturday morning. We miss them. Grama Bama forgot to pack her curling iron though so at least we have something to remember her by. She's very thoughtful (even in her forgetfulness).

We made sure to have one last tea party Saturday morning.

In case you're wondering what Grandpa and Dan were talking about during our lovely tea party video, I'll tell you. They were putting the finishing touches on this doozy of a spaceship.

Yes, I know it's not age appropriate. My kid isn't 12. He is, however, a very spoiled grandson. That big honkin' thing kept Grandpa busy every time he was at our house. What on earth would he have done this past week without it? (It kept Dan and Jarrett pretty busy too. That thing's a beast.)

Friday afternoon we went out to eat at a local burger joint. The kids ate shakes for dessert. Somebody ordered a grasshopper. Mint ice cream with chocolate. Kris was very eager to tell Danny it was a grasshopper shake. Like, hey, this is a shake and there's grasshoppers inside. No kidding. He was serious too.

I even heard Kris tell Danny at one point, "If it's a hard bite it's one of the legs."

Before lunch, some of us went to the temple. We took a few pictures outside because it was a lovely day. Most of the time when you tell my parents to smile for the camera, you get this response:

I'm not sure what's so serious and important but that's how they are. And then this happened when Dan tried to kneel down to get a different angle:

They can smile! And even laugh!

I know what you're wondering. Is it Cathy's goal to look ridiculous in every picture? The answer is no. I don't set out trying to but sometimes it just happens so easily. I can't control myself. It's a gift really.

Thursday we enjoyed a lovely turkey dinner hosted by Aunt Kym and Uncle Tim. Cate had a blast playing tea party with Cousin Shaelynn. She's a good sport (Shaelynn, that is. Cate is too sometimes.)

And last night I made cookies.

And ate 4 of them.

My post-Thanksgiving diet starts today.

That is all.


Jamie @ It's a Morris Thing said...

HA, I started my diet today too.

PS: I love the snowman!!

Marisa said...

Ew. Not that I haven't also felt for puke in the dark, but still ew. And I think maybe that snowman is going to make an ice sculpture. He needs the broom to sweep up his ice chunks.

I won't show J that space ship. He'd change his Santa list, and Santa has already finished his shopping.