Thursday, November 17, 2011

for your information

Lookee what my kidlets made in preschool today.

That's his bow and arrow pose. Seriously. How adorable is he?


Grama Bama and Grandpa arrived in town last night. They drove to the Atlanta airport through hideous rain. A tornado touched down back in Auburn. They missed it. They picked a good day to fly away right? The news is that their house lost power but wasn't damaged.

Take a look at what my lovely mother lugged all the way across the country for me.

Oh, yes. That's a scarf. In the shape of a roll of toilet paper.

I love it! I'm not sure I'd wear it anywhere but Auburn though. I might get some pretty crazy looks if I walked around town with what looked like a strand of toilet paper around my neck.

Now, I'm not at all trying to use and abuse my parents. Let's get that out in the open. BUT this morning I dropped off my kids at Aunt Judy's house with them and then proceeded to come home and get oodles of stuff done in peace and quiet.

It was wonderful. I finished raking the leaves in the front yard. That same blasted pile that I have raked, and then the kids jumped in it and messed it all up, and raked again, and then the kids jumped in it and messed it all up, and then raked again. It's good to see those leaves gone.

As I was raking I had a few thoughts about being a mom of school aged kids. I'm pretty sure I'm not a mom of school aged kids. Preschool doesn't count. I hear moms talk about how sad they are that summer's over and their kids are starting school. Oh, how they miss them when they're away. Boo hoo hoo.

I really don't get it. I could totally get used to this whole getting stuff done in peace and quiet thing. It was lovely. I think I would be a way less grouchy mom if my kids could be off learning and playing for a few hours together every day. Really. It was so nice. Good thing my parents will be here for several more days. I've got lots of stuff to do around here.

I even cleaned half the fridge while the kiddies were at preschool. Free time and I spent it cleaning the fridge. I can hardly believe it. Good thing I only cleaned half though. I'm trying to pace myself.

Last but not least, I showered before noon and didn't have to make dinner.

It was a lovely day indeed.

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