Friday, November 18, 2011

he likes the meat eaters

As we were driving around town, Danny said to me (out of the blue because that's where most of his random comments come from),

"I like lions and rhinoceruses. I like all the animals that eat other animals. The meat eaters."

And I thought to myself,

oh, lovely. my sweet little boy likes animals that eat each other. should i be concerned?

And then after a moment of thought and peering out his window he added,

"And bees. Cuz they're the teeeeeeniest."


Danny actually played house. (Don't tell him I told you because he'd probably be really mad at me.) I saw him pushing around one of Cate's doll strollers. I've never ever seen him do that before. Usually he stays very far away from anything pink or related to dolls or girls or pretend mothering.

I asked him if he was playing with Cate (something that rarely ever happens, unless he's allowing her to play Legos with him). He told me they were playing house. He was the big brother, Ray Ray was the baby brother and Cate was their cousin.

And Cate named her baby Cousin Louie.

What did I ever laugh about before my kids came along?

Sometimes I wonder.

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Marisa said...

You laughed at everything, because you were well rested. But no, really, I totally know what you mean. What did we do all day back then?