Thursday, October 6, 2011

we've been doing stuff

The cousins slept over at our house on Saturday night. My idea. I take all the blame for the feelings of tiredness the next morning. The last time I walked out of Danny's room (where all three of them were on the bottom bunk) it was 12:22 Sunday morning. I told those 3 boys I didn't want to hear them again until morning. And I meant it.

I should have been more specific and given them a time that would be acceptable to wake up. Something like 10:00 maybe. Danny was awake at 7:30 and didn't want to be awake all alone so he woke up Kris. Late to bed, early to rise. That's my boy.

Cate let me fix her hair into loads of cuteness Sunday morning before leaving for family dinner at Aunt Cindy's house. Dumping out the entire bag of tiny elastic bands helped keep her occupied. I love having a little girl with longish hair. It's something I used to only dream about.

Cate and cousin Rusty tickled the ivories together. More like piano pounding, but tickling the ivories sounds much more sophisticated.

Those rambunctious kids of mine had a blast beating up their Uncle Tim (once they got over their shyness since they don't see him very often). Cate had fun doing her karate chops over and over and over again.

Danny's got Uncle Tim's head in the Leg Scissors in that middle picture. What you can't see is Cate standing on her uncle's back giving him karate chops to the head.

And then Cate's turn with the Leg Scissors. Uncle Tim is a good sport. He should be since he's the one that was encouraging them and playing along. He might have even started it all.

All the while, Grandma (and probably others) watched in horror as my sweet darlings played smackdown with their uncle. I take no blame for this. Dan's the one who taught them how to wrestle. They like it. Who am I to stand in their way of fun? I know a lot of people don't allow hitting or Leg Scissors in their homes but we're obviously not those people. You should see the Toe Hold and the Judo Flip. Good stuff.

I went to bed Sunday with a dreaded feeling that Monday was going to be a loooong day. Sometimes I just do not want to wash dishes or fold laundry or tidy up or make the bed every morning. So I decided that I wasn't going to do all that fun stuff Monday morning. We went to the farm instead.

Danny's not plugging his nose because of the farm smells. He was disgusted by the smell of the cheesy snacks that Cate had just been eating on the drive over. It's kind of funny that there just happens to be a lady's bum right next to him in the picture though.

When I told the kids we were headed to the farm they wanted Ray Ray to come too. So he did. It was his first time at the farm and he loved it. A little too much. That kid was trying to run all over the place. Aunt Judy had given me his new puppy dog kid leash/backpack combo apparatus to wear so wear it he did. That was an adventure since it was the first time he'd worn it. He needs to be leash trained. Just because you want him to stop trying to run away so you tug on the leash a little doesn't mean he'll stop trying to run away. He fell down. More than once.

The ponies were a big hit this time. Unlike our past visits. No scaredy cats this time.

Just smiles. Except for Ray Ray. He was a scaredy cat.

And then we were done. I was certainly done. It's a workout chasing around 3 little kids at the farm.

Danny played at the cousins' house and Cate went to Costco with me. We shared a slice of pepperoni pizza for lunch. As we were eating, Cate turned to me and said, "Mommy, that grandpa is grumpy!" That grandpa was sitting just a few tables away from us but I'm pretty sure he didn't hear her.

I asked her why she thought he was grumpy. She said, "Because he's grumpy." Well, duh. So I asked, "What part of him makes you think he's grumpy?"

Her reply, "He's eyes!" (meaning his eyes but you know, she's 3 and that's how she says it)

You know what, she was right. He's got those eyebrows that just naturally look kinda pointy and make him look mean and/or grumpy.

Can you tell from this undercover candid photo I took of him?

We came home and I got started on a little project. As I painted that chunk of wood I realized how all those crafty moms do it. You know, I see all that stuff they do and make and create and I wonder how on earth do you people do it? don't you have dishes to wash and laundry to fold and beds to make? how do you have time to paint stuff and make stuff? where are your kids? what's wrong with me?

Well I think I know. You just ignore stuff. The dishes, the laundry, the beds...and especially the kids. That's it right? Ignore stuff. I think I like that plan.

I took advantage of the nice afternoon weather (which is now gone, replaced with rain and cold) to do a little cleaning out of the back garage and shed. I found these two old screened windows. Not sure what to do with them so we just keep on keeping them stored in the shed. They're vintage. Vintage is cool. At least that's what all the cool kids say. Too bad I can't think of anything cool to do with them.

Look at these vintage steel wool pads I found. 10 cents each!

Kris came over to play after school and he and Danny worked on Halloween decorations. Halloween decorations made from Easter stickers Grandma gave us on Sunday. Oh, yes. We're so crafty around here. I told Danny he didn't have to smile at the camera, just pretend like he's busy. So he made pinching motions with his fingers. I love that kid.

I made a semi-gourmet meal of turkey sausage, mac and cheese, peas and grapes. I'm well on my way to writing my own cookbook and getting a show on The Food Network, wouldn't you say?

And then I walked around all day Tuesday with a big chocolate donut on the back of my head.

After preschool today I took Cate to the dinosaur museum. Just her and me. She loves it there. Especially the dark room with the stars. She ran through it over and over and over again singing her version of the Star Wars song at the top of her lungs. It's a good echo room.

The digging for bones room was quite thrilling today. She uncovered a new section of "bone" and yelled, "What is that, Mom? Oh, my gosh! What could it be?" I've got a budding paleontologist here.

Then we picked up Danny and ate dinner at Chick-fil-A. Dan missed out because of stupid parent/teacher conferences.

I put kids to bed early and then enjoyed watching The Office whilst Dan laughed out loud so loud he almost woke up the kids.

That's all, folks.


Janell R. Cropper said...

You lead a lovely life. :)
And I just had a random flashback to my sophomore year of high school. I had that awesome chocolate donut hair style going on, and I was taking a test in my English class. My teacher walked past and said "Psst. Rowley, you've got a bagel on your head." Then he got mad at me and a bunch of other silly 15 year old for laughing during a test.

Joy McMillan said...

I love your chocolate donut. Fat free, to boot! And holy wow your kids are getting big so fast!!