Friday, October 7, 2011

halloween by jerry seinfeld

Here's another of my favorite books. Very appropriate for the season too.

Halloween by Jerry Seinfeld.

You know who Jerry Seinfeld is right?

If not, I don't think I can be your friend anymore.

If you love Seinfeld like we do (so far just Dan and me in this family but someday I hope my kids will have a sense of humor and they'll appreciate him too), then you'll love this book.

Even if you don't love Seinfeld (and you're ok with not being my friend) but you do love Halloween, you might still love this book.

Just look at that picture. Little kid Jerry dressed in his Superman costume with his winter coat on top. Head hung low because now who's gonna be able to see his awesome costume?

I haven't read this book to my own kids yet. I've shared it with my elementary aged students and they loved it. I read it at a few faculty meetings back in the day. Of course the teachers all got a good chuckle.

The best part about my comes with a CD recording of Jerry Seinfeld reading the book! I love it.

Get your own copy or come on over and borrow mine.

It'll cost you though.

Since it's Halloween season and I'm feeling nice, you can bring me some kind of pumpkiny treat and it's yours (but not for keeps).

And make sure that treat has some chocolate chips in it somewhere or you're going to be leaving empty handed.


Marisa said...

I just saw that at the library (for the first time) today. I just flipped through it, and all the candy talk and "shut up" and negative language made me put it back on the shelf. I don't think my kids are old enough for that yet. Or maybe I've lost too much of my sense of humor since the Seinfeld days. I hope not.

I did love the illustrations, though!

Cathy said...

Oh, well. I thought it was funny. I guess I don't mind candy and shut up. At least I haven't exposed my toddlers to it yet. Well, I have exposed them to candy.