Monday, October 17, 2011

the weekend

So I'm going to pretend that the weekend starts on Friday morning. It's my weekend so I get to decide when it starts.

We got to play with Ray Ray in the morning so his mommy could go on a field trip with his big brother. When I told Cate that her favorite cousin was coming over she squealed with delight. And then she said something like, "Oh, goody! I wuv Way Way!"

Danny wuvs Way Way too.

Aunt Judy got home and watched Danny while I took Cate to do some shopping for Christmas presents. Some of them were even for her. She was so busy roaming the aisles telling me what Santa could bring her that she didn't notice when I put pink girly stuff in the cart.

We went back to Ray Ray's house later so the cousins could play while my wonderful husband took me on a date.

I'd been craving steak for a while and the roadhouse did not disappoint.

Saturday morning I made a few loaves of double chocolate loaf with peanut butter cream cheese spread. One for us to eat. One for my Ute loving neighbor. One for the new neighbors we still haven't met.

On the other side of that Y tag I wrote something about hoping they love eating the chocolate loaf as much as we'd love watching BYU win. Lame? Maybe. But I really wanted to make that recipe and any chance I can get to provide my neighbors with some kind of treat wrapped in blue, I take it.

We put the kids down for Quiet Time, Dan turned on the football game and I headed out back to do some organizing and cleaning in the back garage.

I found some good stuff.

I love that my grandma saved these old milk bottles. See that little poem?

Once I met a little girl
Whose skin was white as silk
For every day, beside her plate
There was a glass of milk

And it looks like lots of lattice top pies are in my future with this handy gadget.

Ok'd by experts. Used by housewives.

I love it.

Know what I love even more? What brought tears to my eyes (but not so many that they flowed over and actually made me cry about furniture because that would be weird)?


I found it in the far corner. Covered with a sheet. Boxes stacked on top.

It's getting painted soon and then it'll make itself at home next to the dining room window.

Anybody know how to get all that crud off the glass?

* * * *

And to wrap up the weekend, Sunday.

Leftover pizza for second breakfast.
Church meeting.
Church (where the kids were on their best behavior - hallelujah!)
Popcorn for dinner.
A failed attempt to meet the new neighbors.
Long bath for Cate.
And kids in bed at 7:30.

the end


Janell R. Cropper said...

You seriously have some of the best treasures! I would suggest white vinegar for the gunk on the glass. I feel like my mind want to say something else, but i woke up too early to exercise and can't think of anything :)
Go Cougars!

debra said...

I second the vinegar.

Jamie @ It's a Morris Thing said...

Ha I was just going to suggest vinegar, seriously though you find the best treasures in there.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Send me the cabinet. Now.

I really mean it!