Wednesday, October 12, 2011

madame butterfly

Yesterday after preschool we stopped by Kid to Kid to look at their selection of Halloween costumes (because I'm the mom who doesn't sew).

Danny didn't know what he wanted to be this year.

Cate knew. She wanted to be a princess. No offense to Cinderella and her ladies, but that's not what I had in mind. She's already got a few princess dresses but they all "tickle" her when she wears them. That means they're itchy. I knew there was no way she was going to wear one of her princess dresses for the duration of the trunk-or-treat at church and then trick-or-treating around the neighborhood (and maybe even around the cousins' neighborhood too).

She saw a purple butterfly costume (after trying on zebra, giraffe, penguin and chicken costumes that were all too small) and decided that was the one. She tried it on. It was a pretty good fit, except that I couldn't do up the snaps in the crotch. Too small. Then I kind of wondered why a costume that fits a three-year-old would have snaps in the crotch. A quick look at the tag and come to find out, it's a costume for an 18-24-month-old.


Too late though. I knew there was no going back. I'm hoping I can get my neighbor to rig up something to keep the crotch piece together. Some kind of extension piece with velcro. At least the hat thing fits. It's actually a tad big. I'm not sure what kind of 18-24-month-old has a head that big but I don't really care. The costume search is done.

And I can't tell you what costume Danny picked out. It'll be a surprise. Unless you ask him. Then he'll most likely tell you. I like to try to keep some things a secret. It annoys people.

Best part of the costume shopping trip, both kids telling me they needed to use the restroom, while I was standing in a long line waiting to check out. But they didn't tell me at the same time. Oh, no. Danny waited until after I had taken Cate (and lost my spot in line). I asked him when I took her if he needed to go too. He said no. He lied. So I lost my spot in line twice. You know I still love them anyway right?


I went to Costco while the kids were off learning that letter D is for dinosaur. Lookee what I found for Aunt Suzy. A mini Hello Kitty fridge. And when I say mini I'm not messin' around. I opened it up to take a peek inside. Looks like it could hold at most 3 cans of your carbonated beverage of choice.

Danny asked me where he was born. I told him Utah. He asked me where I was born. I told him Texas. Then he looked at me in wide-eyed amazement and said, "You were born where all the cowboys live?" Funny thing is, there's probably just as many cowboys living where he was born and he doesn't even notice. I guess next summer we'll take him down to Main Street to watch the parade dedicated solely to COWBOYS and their horses. A whole parade full of cowboys. And maybe go to the rodeo too. Hello, cowboys again.

Cate said to me the other day, "Mommy, I'm going to do a silly dance. You watch me and then you laugh, ok?" She's a funny kid.

The kids learned about circus stuff last week in school. They came home wanting to show me how to juggle. Oh, it was quite the sight. First Cate just went through the motions with her hands. Flailing around her head. No balls. Just hands. Then Danny got in on the action and thought the little oranges on the counter would make wonderful juggling balls. Except he only used one orange. He showed me how to juggle with one orange. I got a good laugh out of watching him concentrate so deeply on catching that one orange over and over.

I made breakfast for dinner last night. French toast. I burned the bacon. It was turkey bacon which almost doesn't count as bacon in the first place. Burnt turkey bacon is not good. Trust me.

Danny asked me to sing the wah wah song the other day. I had no idea what the wah wah song was. He said, "You know. Wah wah wah wah wah. Gooooooooooo cougars!" Oh, the BYU fight song. Why didn't you just say so? We've got to do something about helping that kid find his R's.

I'm pleased to report that the dining room table is cleared of all Dan's possessions. Now we can't eat off that table because the kids spread stickers, sequins, wiggle eyes and crayons all over it.

An after dinner conversation with my son last night:

When are you going to be nice to me and Cate today?

I have been nice all day! (I really had been. No grouchy stuff from them or me.)

Not all day. Remember when you told me and Cate you didn't want to listen to us on the way home from preschool?

Yes. That's because you were fighting and I didn't want to hear it anymore.


Have I been nice the rest of the day?

Naaaayeah. (no and yes combined maybe?)

Then I said sorry and gave him a hug and a kiss and he told me I get beans in my jar.

And last but not least, I love fall. The sun goes down and the kids go to bed. 7:30 last night. It's the stuff dreams are made of.


Marisa said...

I put my kids to bed at 7:30 last night, too. They complained, but they needed it. They both woke up smiley and huggy. Love that.

When my kids were wearing things with snapping crotches, we had a "onesie extender." It was a little rectangle of fabric with snaps on each side that would go between the onesie snaps and give them a few more weeks of wear. I doubt I still have it, but if I can find it, it's yours.

debra said...

I have a onesie extender as well, but it doesn't fit all snaps. (I was really irritated when I found that out.) I'll look for mine too. If that doesn't work, I'd be happy to take a look and see what I can rig up. If I can't figure it out, I know you know plenty of other very talented seamstresses who would love to help.