Saturday, September 17, 2011

wrapping up summer and stuffing it in the closet

I know summer isn't officially over yet but close enough. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't like summer. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to go outside in the morning and hear my kids say, "Brrrrrrr, it's freeeeeezing out here!" Sure, it's like 60 degrees but still. I love it.

So here's my last hoorah to summer. Some pictures I haven't shared. Stories I haven't told. Stuff we did. And after this I'm stuffing summer in the closet and hoping it doesn't show up too early next year.

The garden: Planted entirely by Dan and the kids. Our first garden. I've thoroughly enjoyed my pear tomatoes. Maybe I can convince Danny to eat some next year. He won't touch any of the tomatoes. He says they're dirty. Even after I wash them. He's been very aware of germs lately. Good thing I didn't show him the grasshopper poo.

Visits with Grama Bama: She came out twice this summer. And we spent time at her house too. She's a good grandma and we sure do miss her. Danny keeps asking when we can take a hike to her house. I keep telling him never but that doesn't seem to satisfy him.

The ice cream man: The kids go nuts when they hear that guy. When Grama Bama's here she whips out her wallet and everyone's happy.

Turning 38: I'm an even number again! Even better than that, I got to share my birthday with Dan this year. Even better than that, I got to wear a sweater on my special day. A sweater in the middle of June. I couldn't have asked for a better gift. It was lovely.

The wasted Nutella: I made the mistake of introducing Cate to Nutella. I spread some on a graham cracker and she ended up getting more on her face than in it. Next time I'll just spoon feed her. I was almost tempted to lick her face to not let that precious stuff go to waste.

The Great Purge of 2011: I started cleaning out drawers and cupboards in the kitchen. There's just too much stuff and I was feeling the urge to purge. Isn't this cheese grater just lovely? It got to stay based on looks alone. I've never used it.

The babies: I'm not sure who those are, maybe Kissa and Pissa. Or possibly Idda and Poopa. Who knows? Cate spent a lot of time mothering her babies this summer. It's adorable. I think her undies are a little too big for them still.

Turning 3: Yep, my baby's 3. It's good. She's happy about it and so am I. And I got away with not having a princess party. Hooray!

4th of July: Don't you love it when people take pictures of their toes? Me too. When you've got toes as lovely as mine it's hard not to. We spent two nights in a hotel and enjoyed the festivities with grandmas and cousins. My pedi got ruined from dragging my feet along the bottom of the hotel pool. One day my kids are going to swim all by themselves and I get to just sit on the side and watch right? I'm going to remain hopeful.

The dinosaurs: We've thoroughly enjoyed the family pass I won to Thanksgiving Point. Thoroughly. The museum is my favorite because it's cool inside when it's so blasted hot out. I told Cate to get on that rock so I could take her picture. The pose was all her idea. I kid you not.

More dinosaurs: Again, no coaching from me on the pose. I just told them to stand there so I could take a picture. Who are these kids? I think they need to be in an acting class.

Splish splash: I know we're all tired of seeing pictures of kids at the splash pad but come on. Look at that view. Those mountains are majestic. Plus, something free to do on a hot day. You can't beat that. And no swimsuit or ruining pedis for me. We all win.

Children's garden: A different park. I told Cate to not get too close. She didn't listen and ended up with a face full of water. She recovered and then we played and strolled around the gardens.

Road trip: I'm pretty sure I had the best seat for that whole trip. I only had to take care of Danny. He was easy because he played Angry Birds hour after hour. I actually got to read books and close my eyes and rest a few times. It was a real treat. Grama Bama got to cater to Cate's every need.

Happy kids: Running around half naked in the rain. Smiling.

Family pictures: Thanks to the lovely Christie. She makes us look good (just wish she could make me look about 15 pounds lighter). We met her at the Garden Park Ward in Salt Lake. The grounds were beautiful. And it's free! You can't beat that. Grama Bama came along and I'm so glad she did. Without her dancing around and acting silly behind the camera we wouldn't have gotten such great smiles from the kids. I just wish we could have gotten a picture of her shenanigans.

Speaking of stuffing things into closets, remember that picture I shared of my hideous closet? I cleaned it. And another one. Here's the pile o' crud from two closets.

And here's the after of one of them:

If anybody wants help cleaning a closet or two, I'll do it. I actually enjoy it.

Here's the label that my Grandma had pinned to the closet door. Looks like back in her day there were three large boxes in that closet. I can't bring myself to take that label down. I like it.

Finding stuff when you clean out closets is kind of fun.

Anybody want a vintage Karl Malone poster? You gotta love The Mailman.

And who doesn't love a big foam cougar paw? It's appropriate for today I guess.

Go Cougars and goodbye summer!


Christie said...

I am not ready to wrap up summer. That means winter comes. Boo.

debra said...

The Karl Malone poster is fantastic. Why is his shirt all ripped?

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I agree with put it away! Loved this little stroll through your summer. You look prettier than ever. I think my favorite is your Grandma's handwritten label. That's priceless!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Oh, and I had just a little vomit in my throat when I saw Malone. Just sayin'!