Saturday, August 13, 2011

yesterday and today


Another trip to the splash pad.

Grama Bama and Grandpa hadn't been before.

They thought it was a pretty happenin' place.

So did Cate.

I love that sweet little profile.

Neighbor friend Millie came along too.

She was a good little helper with Cate.

Not that Cate really needed a lot of help.

It was just cute to see them walking around holding hands.

I love it when Cate gets to play with other girls. It doesn't happen a lot.

She's surrounded by boys.

Danny fell asleep after all that splashing around in the morning.

He didn't actually splash around very much though.

Mostly he ran around on the grass with cousin Kris.

And did a lot of tackling and wrestling.

Grandpa told them to knock it off.

They did.

Then they moved to the grass behind Grandpa's chair so he couldn't see and continued their tackling and wrestling.

Sneaky boys.

Here's what else happened to Danny yesterday:

100 days! Wah-hoo!

I made plans for Dan and I to have a little date when he got home from work.

I had to take advantage of the grandparents one more time before they left for home.

Wah-hoo for free babysitters!

As we were sitting in the kitchen before leaving, I was telling Dan what we had done earlier in the day.

Then I showed him the awesome Neopolitan farmer's tan I was sporting.

Can you see the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla? Pretty cool.

I'm not sure if Neopolitan has to be in a certain order but I like mine.

When I was done admiring my crazy arm, we headed out to dinner and some shopping.


I ate the whole thing (minus the extra gravy because I don't love gravy).

My new diet plan starts Monday.

(Especially since I ate those dark chocolate covered Raisinettes I found at the dollar store this afternoon.)

Came home from the date to find happy cousins playing in the front yard at Aunt Judy's house.

Said good-bye to Grandpa since he'd be leaving bright and early the next morning.

(Yes, I realize Cate looks a little goofy wearing socks with her sandals in the summer. She wants to. Otherwise, she claims that the sandals hurt her feet. They are the right size. She's just picky. And she's 3 so I let her get away with socks and sandals.)

Said good-bye to Grama Bama.

These two are just too cute together.


Woke up bright and early (except it wasn't actually bright out yet) to say good-bye to Grama Bama as she left our house.

Helped her load stuff into the car. (Realized later that we left one of the DVD players under the front seat. Dang.)

Then she was off to pick up Grandpa at Aunt Judy's house and head for their home (which I really wish was closer so we wouldn't have to do all this good-bye stuff).

Danny woke up crying. Like big time crying.


Under the covers cuddling with Hard Puppy crying.

After what seemed like forever he admitted that he was crying because he missed Grama Bama.

Know how fun it is to watch your kid cry his eyes out because he misses his grandma.

Not very, that's how much.

He recovered eventually.

We loaded up the car and headed north to a bridal shower (the reason I needed to go shopping the night before. Nothing like procrastinating the gift buying.)

I started reading this book that Grama Bama let me take from her house the week before.

If anyone needs to learn how to be a perfect wife it's me.

So far, I'm loving the book.

It's just what I need.

If I'm feeling all mushy and inspirational and in the mood for sharing my innermost feelings later I'll tell you about it.

After the shower we ate burgers and fries and onion rings with Aunt Nancy.

I only ate fries.

Another reason the new diet starts Monday.

Cate was tired and pretty much acted like a whiny beast most of the time we were in the car.

Except for when she was doing this.

Got home and felt pretty happy that I wouldn't have to make dinner tonight because of the burgers and fries and onion rings.

Went to the store for milk.

Came home with more than milk but had a nice time being away for a little while (an hour, maybe more...)

Decided to tackle the closet.

It's making me feel like a slobby old crap monster every time I open it.

For all you people out there who think I'm such an organized neat freak, behold:

Dan said it's ok. Closets are supposed to look like that.

I disagree.

I don't know who has been sneaking into my house every night and filling that closet with all that stuff but it's going to stop.

If not, it's going to be like Monica's secret closet on Friends. Remember that? All the stuff she couldn't organize into a category got shoved in there. Watch a clip on You Tube if you want.

{Speaking of Friends, I was talking to a friend about it a while back. Come to find out, she never watched it. I couldn't believe it. That show was on for 10 seasons or something hideously long like that. Well, she didn't watch it because she was 12 when it started. I told her I used to watch Happy Days. She said something like, "When it was really on?" Oh, yes, my friend. Not reruns. Not Nick at Night. When it was actually on t.v. Tuesday nights I believe. I'm old.}

I found this gem in my closet cleaning:

How much do you think I could get for that at the yard sale?

Any takers?


Cat Glazner said...

First of all the magazine is MINE. hehe. Second of all your closet reminded me of MONICA and then you said that and I laughed! Even your closet is organized!! So do we get to see an after shot?! What kind of diet are you doing? Share with me! Also I know that dinner plate anywhere! I love that place, but I like the chicken strips. mmmm also I love your rockin arm!! Its awesome! Its totally vanilla, strawberry and chocolate!! The water pad makes you so tired!! Its the sucks up all your energy!! And with Cate and sock and sandal wearing, Jed does that all the time. I think its a Utah Glad you had such a great time with your mom and dad here!! Love the post!

Cathy said...

I don't think Dan will be very happy with me if I get rid of his wrestling reading material. Sorry. The new diet is called "Don't Eat Crap and Exercise Your Butt Off." I think it'll be pretty fun.