Thursday, August 11, 2011

what's that you say?

You want to see a picture of my beautiful homegrown pear tomatoes?

There it is. Aren't they cute?

I love them.

* * * *

You want to see pictures of my adorable kid playing in our neighbor's backyard after dinner last night?

Ok then.

Here you go.

Cate loves the sandbox and the swings.

That's her backyard, people. And this is why you should be nice to your neighbors. They open their backyard to you and your kidlets to use whenever you want. It's like a little piece of heaven. Better than the park. And much closer.

See Cate on the trampoline way back there? There's ducks and chickens in a little gated area behind her. Ducks and chickens! Not a bad way to spend the evening, killing time until the sun goes down.

* * * *

You're wondering if we were able to squeeze in a game of Scrabble with Grama Bama and Grandpa this week? Well, lookee here. We did.

And guess who won without the help of X or Z or Q.

Oh, yes. That would be me.

Notice the words after we'd each had our first turns: lent, spew, sexy and studs.

* * * *

You want to see pictures of me and my mother? Fine. I'll let you see a few. Go here. Just be prepared to see me with a goofy look on my face.

* * * *

You're wondering what I'm going to do with those three ginormous zucchini plucked from my garden while I was away on vacation? Me too. I'm thinking I'll try some layered zucchini parmesan. Except the only ingredients I have from that recipe are the zucchini and salt and pepper. That means another trip to the grocery store. I've been every day this week so why not make it one more?

* * * *

Why no pictures of Danny in this post? Beats me. He's been pretty busy hanging out at the cousins' house and playing on Grama Bama's phone. Not much to take pictures of I guess. He's still just as adorable as ever though. Don't worry.

* * * *

You're hoping to see pictures of the big summer vacation soon since we've been home for a week and still nothing? Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing. As soon as I can figure out how to find time to wash dishes, do laundry, keep children entertained and quiet and sit down for a few minutes during my waking hours. It hasn't really happened this week.

Speaking of the vacation, remember this picture we took?

Just thought I'd let you know why I look so ridiculous. Dan and I were about to head off to dinner at the country club. I thought it would be nice to have a picture. I was instructing my mother to just include from the waist up. Hence, the silly hand positioning. From the looks of the picture, she didn't listen. It's ok though. I got my Christmas card picture in July! Takes a lot of pressure off.

* * * *

You're just dying to know what we did bright and early Monday morning? Oh, just met this lovely lady at a gorgeous location so she could take pictures of my cute little family. (I read her blog. She's funny.)

She lives in Missouri but happened to be here visiting family and was kind enough to take our pictures. I can't wait to see them, even though Danny didn't cooperate and Cate had drool down the front of her dress and who knows what kind of goofy faces I was making.

Oh, well. Such is life.

(That's what I keep telling myself until I actually believe it.)

* * * *

You wish you could see a picture of Cate from exactly one year ago today?

There you go.

I wonder if she'd had her fingernails clipped recently.


Chrisanne said...

I'm strongly considering moving a notebook by the computer so I can keep track of all the comments I want to make about each of your posts :) Too cute, makes me happy :) I have a Star Wars toy on my kitchen counter with Danny's name on it. Not to mention a book that still needs to be returned. One of these days we're swingin' by to visit!

Cathy said...

You did have the help of the Q. I got it with the last tile, which ended up giving you ten points and costing me ten points.

Cathy said...

Hey, Dan. Stop leaving comments when the computer is logged in under my account. It kind of makes me look like a crazy lady. Love you anyway!

Christie said...

It was ridiculously fun meeting you last week. Just got home yesterday and am uploading the pics now. Your family is adorable. As are you. May your husband one day forgive me for all the "ballet" comments. I fight dirty when little kids are involved and needing to bend to my will. Hugs.

P.S. Why didn't you tell me how chubby I was getting? Far too many fries and fry sauces got eaten and I can see it. Yikes.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

that back yard is REdonkULOUS! I want it, but I don't want to mow it!