Monday, September 26, 2011

back in the saddle again

Oh, hello there.

Did you miss us?

Don't answer that unless it's with a resounding YES! because I don't think my fragile ego can handle any other answer.

You know how when you stop exercising it becomes easier and easier to not exercise?

Same goes for blogging (at least for me). That same rule, however, does not apply to eating chocolate. That never gets easy to not do.

I'd like to say we've been so busy soaking up the last warm rays of summer-like sunshine that I haven't had time to take pictures and share all our comings and goings and deep thoughts about life with you.

But that's not true.

And it's not my style to talk about soaking up sun or savoring the warmth or sharing deep thoughts.

Truth is this we do stuff and sometimes I take pictures. Most days nobody naps. Some days the kids go to preschool and instead of coming home and sitting around blogging and uploading pictures, I go to the store. Alone. All by myself. And I buy stuff without anyone asking me for cookies or powdered donuts or purple sugary juice. It's lovely (the solo grocery store trips, not the juice).

Other days I do church stuff or clean stuff or bake stuff (because that's what I like to do and if I don't do something that I like to do once in a while I go crazy). So yeah. This old blog hasn't been numero uno lately. I kind of feel badly about it.

You know what else, the only soaking up I did last week was while I cleaned Danny's puke off his bedroom carpet. Oh, that was fun. He puked some time during the night but didn't say a word to us about it.

Do you mind if I share a funny thing he said about his diarrhea? (I haven't talked about puke and poop for a while on here so I think I'm long overdue.) He made it to the toilet just in time. When the deed was done he said, "Whoa! That was like a volcano!" Pretty disgusting but I just had to chuckle. I love that kid. He's the most pleasant sick kid. His sister on the other hand, yikes.

So that's it. We're still here. Doing stuff. Getting sick. Feeling better.

And having play dates with Olivia the pirate, the button-eyed girl and their giant pink pumpkin.

So fun.