Tuesday, July 12, 2011

she's got all A's

I have this friend.

She's a lot like me.

Those kind of people make the best friends, of course.

My friend bought a new brassiere last month.

She's had a few babies and lost a few pounds in the last few years.

Her old brasseries just hadn't been fitting like they did in the olden days.

Time for new ones.

This time, instead of just picking the same size off the rack and hurrying to pay (since buying that kind of thing is embarrassing to her), she picked a few different sizes and actually tried them on in the dressing room.

That was also terribly embarrassing to her but she knew it was necessary.

She discovered something that day in the dressing room.

Something she kind of already knew.

Her body is not the same as it was in the olden days and her cups do not runneth over as much as she liked to pretend they did.

She made the purchase and went home to relay the news to her adoring husband (because a new brassiere is news).

She was bemoaning the state of her shrunken parts when he lovingly told her,

"My darling, you've been trying to get all A's your whole life. Now you've got them. Be happy!"

It must be nice for her to be married to a man that is so quick to look at the bright side of things.

To find the positive in every situation.

To lighten her mood and help her count her blessings.

To keep her on the sunny side of life.

To help her realize her accomplishments.

To see the glass half full.

Or in this case, the cup half full.

Actually, more like less than half full but whatever.

At least she's got all A's.

p.s. You didn't actually think I'd post a picture on of my friend in her new purchase did you? I'm certain she wouldn't approve. Just a picture of my adorable kids and some...um...melons.


Christina said...

That's what my mom always told me as a small-chested teen. She said I was so used to getting A's I didn't know how to get anything else.

Christie said...

Can't decide what's funnier - his comment or your melon picture. Thanks for a good laugh this morning.

debra said...

I'm always rather disappointed after I stop nursing my babies. So I just wear padded bras now. Nobody has to know.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

You know I'd rather have A's any day! This was funny.