Thursday, July 14, 2011


Some people write blog posts about what they wore on Wednesday and call it "What I Wore Wednesday." Have you seen that before? That baffled me the first time I saw it and it still does. I can't imagine taking a picture of what I wore on Wednesday and having anybody care about it. Do you try to dress nicely on Wednesday just so you can post about it? I just don't get it. And then they list the stores where they bought the clothes and how much they cost. Really? Do you save all your receipts and keep them handy for when you need to look up the prices for your What I Wore Wednesday post?

Here's something much more interesting. Where I Went Wednesday. Isn't that a stellar idea? Keep track of everywhere you go on Wednesday and blog about it. Riveting! (I'm hoping that I'll look back at this some day and just laugh. That's my goal. Remember stuff and laugh about it later because I certainly wasn't laughing on Wednesday.)

Here's my yesterday.

Where I Went Wednesday

To Cate's bedroom at 4:30 in the morning. She was standing on the floor crying and saying, "There's white stuff!" That means her night time pull-up exploded. I'm pretty sure I had her go to the bathroom before bed but maybe I forgot. It happens. I got her cleaned up and back in bed (but not before I had to read her another bedtime the light of the night light and without my glasses on. Oh, that was a fun one.)

Where I did NOT go at this point, back to sleep. Sometimes I just cannot get my brain to turn off. It's frustrating. And exhausting.

To the bathroom at 6:45 and then the kitchen to eat breakfast. No sleep for the weary. Then to the front room to sit and wait for Judy's text. I turned on the news but I just can't watch that stuff anymore. No shows on my DVR to watch because it's summer and summer t.v. is the pits.

To Aunt Judy's house a little before 8:00 to tend baby Ray Ray (who will turn one in a week). He was already awake so I just packed him up and came back to my house when his mama left for work. His big brothers were already at my house because of the sleepover the night before. The sleepover that resulted in three boys not going to bed until some time after 11:00.

To the loony bin from this point on for the remainder of the day. Cranky three-year-old, shushing everyone in sight so the baby could nap (and nap he did...for THREE hours), light saber fighting in the front yard, snacks, snacks and more snacks, whining, tattling. You get the idea.

To the library after the baby woke up so Dan could put Cate down for Quiet Time. I took all four boys with me. I needed to check out a book for a Young Women activity that evening. Dan had tried to check it out for me the day before. He couldn't find his card and they were going to make him pay $3 for a replacement. He didn't want to do that so he came home and searched all over for his card. No luck. I figured I could just go get a library card (since I've lived here for 12 years and still don't have one, maybe it's time) and check it out myself.

Apparently, you need a copy of your utility bill and your drivers license to get a library card. I did not know that. (Sure, I could have thought about it ahead of time and looked it up or called to see what I would need but when you're in the loony bin you don't think about such things.)

The library lady told me I could just walk across the street to the city building and get a copy of my bill. Right. I'm standing here holding a baby with three little boys around me and you think I'm going across the street for a copy of my bill? Not going to happen. I'm usually not one to be confrontational or huffy or rude but by this point in the day (and it was only 3:00ish) I'd had it. When she told me my drivers license wasn't enough to prove I live in this city I said, "Are you kidding me?" She said no. So I left. Not sure if I'll be going back.

To get a snow cones because it was hot out and I figured the more we drove around the less time I'd have to spend entertaining a baby once we got back to his house. The big boys got Bahama Mama and Danny got blue bubble gum. Baby Ray Ray sat in the back seat grunting and whining the whole ride home because he knows what snow cones are and he wanted what the big boys were having.

To Aunt Judy's house where Millie (the neighbor girl) came running out to greet us. She entertained the baby so I didn't have to. Hallelujah! We sat outside on a blanket and ate the Starburst candies she brought over. Danny and Kris and a neighbor friend played Monkey in the Middle. I'd never heard of that game before. It pretty much looks like Keep Away. Poor Danny ended up being the monkey in the middle way too often so I told the big kids to be nice and let him have a turn throwing the ball. Then they kept throwing the ball into the street.

To my house once Uncle Dave came home to relieve me of my duties where I found Cate still asleep (approaching 6:00) and Dan examining the insides of his eyelids from the comfort of the recliner in the front room. I sent Danny to his room and plopped down on the couch with my computer.

I relieved some of my stress and attempted to rid myself of the residue of the loony bin by pinning. You pin don't you? You don't? You really should. You can follow me if you want. I pin a lot. I'm a very stressed out person. I like to numb my brain sometimes. Pinning is free and it's nothing I have to go confess to the bishop later. And I find lots of recipes for yummy treats that I shouldn't bake and crafty things that I'll never make. It's fun. Plus, where else are you going to learn how to make your very own mac and cheese Halloween costume? That's useful stuff, people.

To church for a Young Women activity. We made final preparations for Girls Camp. It's next week. I'm going to be away from the kidlets for 3 nights. I hear there will be s'mores so I think I'll be ok.

To my house where kids went to bed and I ended up on the couch again, pinning my little heart out until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

And that's where I went on Wednesday.

Did you go anywhere more fun than me?

Or did you go to the loony bin too?

Or maybe your loony bin is where you go for fun.

Most importantly, does your loony bin have snow cones?

Mine does.


Jamie @ It's a Morris Thing said...

I'm sorry I am laughing. I think this should be a new linky party. And I am sure my day would also involve a trip to the loony bin.

Katie said...

I like this a lot more than the traditional WIWW. I love a lot of the bloggers that link up to WIWW, but I tend to avoid those posts!

debra said...

I really hope it wasn't my mom who told you your driver's license wasn't good enough. She works at the library. Apparently, there's a lot of people who try to pretend they live in Lehi just so they can get a library card. I'm not even kidding.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

In TX, you have to show your gun to get a card. I'm not even kidding.

okay, I am. I think your WIWW is better.

I'm all about pinning. It's cutting down on my bookmarks/favorites and that makes me happy! I don't even mind all the pin stalkers. It wasn't fun when it first started because it took forever and was always messed up. They are doing a good job now. And who doesn't like to see a good baby in a watermelon picture?!

This is a long comment.

The end.