Wednesday, May 25, 2011

duck duck goose and other stuff about yesterday

duck duck goose at preschool
(sitting right next to the teacher...he's definitely her favorite)
a hissy fit at Walmart
(because someone didn't want the seat belt buckled)
homemade granola
(made the house smell lovely)
(because someone wet the bed)

bead bracelets for impromptu craft time
(that lasted a good 4 minutes)
clean bathrooms
(because stuff was growing in the toilet)
playing out back
(barefoot in the sandbox)
afternoon bath time
(because someone doesn't like sand in between her toes)

finished gifts for Danny's teachers
(wowzers! I did something semi-crafty!)
working outside
(that picture up top)
a nap on the chair in the front room
(I tired her out with all that sweeping)

breakfast for dinner
(because we love us some bacon around here)
a romp at the park
(too windy, froze my bum off)
pestering Mommy the rest of the evening
(because they know how much she really wants to get that bedroom painted and they're doing their best to thwart her every effort)
no exercising
(because somebody couldn't find a very special stuffed puppy when it was time for bed and another somebody spent a hunk of time looking for it and by the time it was found and stories read and prayers said it was too late)

Best part of the day:

the raspberry Lindor ball eaten at 11:09 in the morning
(no picture because it went fast)

And that was Tuesday


Dan said...

We have Lindor Balls in the house?

Cathy said...

Ha! Not anymore.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Lindor Balls? Hmmmm