Tuesday, May 24, 2011

monkey brains and other stuff about yesterday

Danny went to preschool in the morning.
I had to wake him up to get there on time.
I hate waking my kids up.
Why does he pick the one day we have to be somewhere on time to sleep in?

The kids practiced for their graduation program and played with a ginormous parachute.
Can you spot my little darling?
He's right next to the teacher at the bottom.
I'm going to pretend it's because he's her favorite and not because of that whole proximity to the problem kids thing that teachers like to do.

That's Cate's hair on the side of the picture.

It rained.

Cate and I went to Target and Hobby Lobby while Danny was at school.
Cate calls Hobby Lobby "Hockey Wally."
She kept bugging me to go find the toys.

We cleaned out Cate's bedroom in the afternoon.
(By we I mean mostly me.)
Everything we moved out is now in my room and the dining room.
Please don't come visit.
My house is a mess.

The plan is to paint her bedroom.
She wants it black.
I told her it's going to be pink.
I've decided that most of the time she doesn't know what she wants.
And that she needs to work on learning her colors.

These are the before pictures.
I waited until I got all the toys, books and general mess out of there.
And then only took pictures of one corner.
Good enough.

Judging by the amount of time it took to do what we did in there yesterday,
I'm thinking I'll have her room painted and put back together some time before Christmas.
I'm dreading opening that paint can because they really think they're going to help me paint.
It ain't gonna happen. My heart can't take it.

Danny used kid scissors to cut a hole in his pants.
Then he spent a good amount of time in his room with the door closed.

I made dinner.
Cate fell asleep on her favorite chair in the front room.
At 4:30 in the afternoon.
Not good.

The cousins and Uncle Dave came over to eat.
Aunt Judy was still at work.
Baby Ray Ray sat at the table and ate meatballs and pears.
A lovely combination.

Cate woke up and got to hold Baby Ray Ray.
She sure loves that kid.
He's 10 months old now and isn't so keen on being held by his 2-year-old cousin.
She loves him anyway.

I washed dishes.
Kids took a bath.
Books were read.
Teeth brushed.
Prayers said.
Bedtime objections were heard loud and clear.

I'm just wondering if there will ever come a day when they yawn and stretch and say something like, "Golly gee, Mom and Dad. I'm tired. I think I'll turn in early tonight."

That'll be the day.

I stopped by the store on my way home from the gym to pick up oats and coconut.
Kris has requested that I make more granola.

Look what I found near the oats.

monkey brains

And that was Monday.


Marisa said...

I was folding laundry one day; my girl was in preschool. I found that several of her dresses had little holes snipped in them. Oh man. I understand experimentation, but I was pretty darn upset. I told her teacher about it the next day at school, expecting sympathy. Do you know what she said? "Were you mad?"

Apparently this is very common with preschoolers. Still doesn't make it ok when you have to stitch up five little dresses.

Cathy said...

You're a good mom. I threw the pants away.

Amy said...

I love reading your blog. It makes me laugh every time. - Amy

Cathy said...

Thanks, Amy. You just made my day.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Were you mad?

Cathy said...

Of course not. Not me. I never get mad.