Tuesday, April 12, 2011

nine on the ninth on the twelfth

Woke up to snow

April showers bring May flowers. Sometimes the showers are rain and sometimes they're snow. I happen to love the showers, however they come.

Took my big ol' horse pill

I finally went to the doctor on Friday morning. It was the eleventh day of me feeling cruddy so I figured it was time. I was a new patient so I had to fill out some forms before my appointment. I had to laugh when I came to the question "Do you wake tired?" Seriously? Who doesn't wake tired? People whose kids take naps during the day and sleep through the night that's who. Sadly, that's not me. Here's another good one. "Do you have unusual stress?" Well, I don't know for sure. I usually feel this much stress so I guess it isn't unusual stress, just usual stress. What kind of dumb question is that? Maybe they should have separate questions for mothers of small children.

The nurse walked me back when it was my turn. As we approached the scale in the hallway, I said a big "oh, crap" in my head. I took off my shoes, put down my phone, wallet and keys and told the nurse that I would be closing my eyes and to please not say my weight out loud. Not something I want to hear after a week and a half of no exercise. When I got off the scale she asked me how tall I am. I told her 5'11'' and she said, "That's a great weight for your height!" Bless you, nurse lady. Bless you.

Rockin' out in the truck

Cousin Jarrett got baptized Saturday morning. We made it back from the church before his family did. I didn't have my keys to their house so we just sat in the truck and waited. We cranked up the music and Dan busted out his fancy dance moves. The song: Kodachrome.

Spending time with the fam

After the baptism, we spent time with the family and ate yummy food at Aunt Judy's house (including some dip of the musical fruit variety).

Snail mail

I filled out the registration form for my high school reunion. I hear there's going to be karaoke on the Friday night get-together. Dan and I need to start practicing. I'm thinking Islands in the Stream and I Got You, Babe.


I watched a movie while I whittled down the ironing pile to zero shirts. It's gone! Too bad Dan keeps wearing shirts to work and then I keep washing them and the pile just keeps growing all over again. Why can't he just wear t-shirts every day? Some teachers do that right?

Independent play time

Cate was playing with Grandpa while I did the ironing. She brought out lots of toys from Danny's room (since Danny was still at Jarrett's house and not there to stop her like he usually does). I think Grandpa was getting tired of helping her figure out how the train tracks were supposed to link together. He said, "Don't you have a doll you could play with?" It was funny. She went off to her room and played for a long time. All by herself. That almost never happens. It was lovely. Seriously almost brought a tear of happiness to my eye.

A New Countdown

Danny loves a countdown. I'm not sure if Dan is excited about being reminded daily how close he's getting to 41 but oh well.

Silly Faces

I figured it was time to take a few pictures with Grandpa since he'd be leaving the next morning. This is the best one. I told them to make silly faces. Grandpa just smiled a tiny bit and said, "This is my silly face." Cate's got a pretty good one though.


Dan said...

Definitely "Islands in the Stream." But who gets to be Dolly?

What? No video of my car-dance moves.

Cathy said...

Hey, is that some kind of mean comment about my lack of cleavage? I can still rock it like Dolly without the boobs you know!