Thursday, February 10, 2011

nine on the ninth

A day late. Oh, well.
I'll give you a bonus picture at the end to make up for it.

* * * * * *

sitting around rotting our brains

I texted this picture to my mom along with a request for her to pray for me.
At 8:30 in the morning I already knew that I had no patience for the day that was ahead of me.
I think she really did pray for me.
Danny and Jarrett (the Sick Kid) played nicely.
Kris wasn't sad about anything all day.
Cate was happy and not clingy.
Raymond took a nap without crying.
It was amazing.

* * * * * *

made some cakies

After reading my friend's blog, it was a must.
Chocolate with chocolate chips.
Danny ate a lot of the dough.
I'm going to be super duper famous because she posted about the cakies again today.
Sorry to my facebook friends who already heard this yesterday.
It's my blog and I'll brag if I want to.
Brag if I want to.

* * * * * *

a big ol' route 44

Sonic was near the ATM.
I needed cash.
Then I needed some ice cold carbonated refreshment.
I told the guy I wanted a Route 44 (pronounced ROOT).
He asked if there was anything else.
I said no.
Then he repeated my order (pronounced ROWT).
I don't think I can go back again until I know the proper pronunciation.
And I didn't even eat the ice.
Isn't that why people love Sonic drinks?

* * * * * *

bath time instead of nap time

Why nap in the middle of the afternoon when you can bathe?

* * * * * *

post bath time baby

Seriously cute.
Seriously tired.

* * * * * *

playing outside in the mud

Jarrett and Danny requested a little time in the back yard.
I agreed.
This picture is Danny running to get water.
To make some kind of mud potion I suppose.
Apparently mud potions are not only for summer play.
The mud they tracked into the house did not make me happy.
The fact that they only stayed out for 10 minutes did not make me happy either.

* * * * * *

made meatloaf for dinner

My favorite meatloaf.
But I didn't eat any of it.
I sent it home with Uncle Dave when he came to pick up his boys.
That way Danny would have something he likes for dinner when we dropped him off later.
Dan got to eat his piece for lunch today.

* * * * * *

packed my stuff for the basketball game

Free tickets
latest copy of Reader's Digest
Tic Tacs
lip stuff

I planned to read during the game.
I didn't though.
I forgot about how all the people around me might think I'm a weirdo.
Maybe they did anyway but it wasn't because I was reading Reader's Digest.

* * * * * *

Jazz game with Dan

Pretty sure I annoyed Dan with my questions.
I usually do.
Jazz lost.
It was close though.
There are a lot of restrooms for the ladies in the Energy Solutions Arena.
Best comment I heard yelled by a fan:
"Oh, my gosh! Academy Award!"
I have no idea what that meant but I thought it was funny.
I also think there should be lids on the beer cups.
They are filled to the tippy top.
People have to walk really slowly and carefully up the stairs when holding them.
(None of the beer was mine. I was just people watching.)

* * * * * *

And here's your bonus picture since it's nine on the tenth.
See why I was late though?
Basketball game.
The drive home.
Picking up the kids and putting them to bed.
Watching Top Chef on the DVR.

Cate is sick.
We took a trip to the doctor.
She's slept a lot this afternoon.
Most of the day she's just wanted her daddy.
I can't blame her.

p.s. I don't really think I'm going to be famous because of the cakies. You know I'm kidding right? With my luck, someone will sue me for using the name cakies because they have it copyrighted or something stupid like that. They're delicious though so it might be worth it.


Glenora said...

Around here it is 'rawot 44' with a drawl!

Dan said...

Thanks for saving me a cakie.
Thanks for saving me some meatloaf.
Thanks for getting the tickets to the game.
Thanks for not reading Reading Digest at the game.
Thanks for going to the game with me.

Cat Glazner said...

I loved your cakies. Thank you for them, I never had them, and they were so yummy. I hope Cate gets better! So fun to go to the Jazz game!! and I wouldn't of though you weird if you were reading readers Digest.