Friday, February 11, 2011

I'd like some answers

Do you think I could start a business selling construction paper bows? Would anyone like to buy a bag of bows from me? Is it time to start my own Etsy store? Remember how I want to name it The Tangled Squid? Does that sound like the name of a store that sells construction paper bows?

Does it mean I have a horrible singing voice when Cate tells me to stop singing so she can go to sleep? Should I take it personally or just be happy that she's going to sleep nicely instead of putting up a fuss like she usually does?

What on earth is this jumpsuit doing for sale at Target? Did I miss something? Is this kind of thing cool again? Was it ever cool to wear a jumpsuit?

Do you think I should have held on to the pair of shoes I had back in 1993 that looked almost exactly like these ones I saw at Target a few weeks ago? Does it make you think that I was just way ahead of the fashion scene since I had these same hideous shoes 18 years ago? What is going on?

Anybody else hate it when their kids are sick?

Would you like to know how thankful I am that when my friend called me at the basketball game the other night to tell me Cate had a fever that she did not tell me that the fever was 104? Would you like to venture a guess as to how quickly I would have made Dan drive home if I had known it was 104? Want to know how glad I am that my friend knows me well enough to not tell me that kind of information but to just treat my little Catie Bug will tender loving care until I got back?

How do I turn this solid honey back into liquid form?

Remember when danny was this little?

Did you know that's one of my all time favorite pictures of him?

Did you know that Jin (from Lost) is on the new Hawaii Five-O? Did you know I love Jin and I cried when he died? Would it surprise you to know that I plan on watching the new Hawaii Five-O just because Jin is on it? Do you think it's pretty awesome that Jin gets to be on two television series filmed in Hawaii? Would you be happy to know that the guy who said "Book 'em, Dano" in the original Hawaii Five-O show was in the stake presidency when I was a student at BYU?

Anybody else think taking pictures with Photo Booth is just stinkin' funny sometimes?

Do you have any idea how hilarious it is to watch my kids try to jump at the same time while holding hands?

It's pretty funny.

Trust me.


Zipdinger said...

If you truly love making those bows: don't make it a business. When you *have to* make them, everything will change and it won't be fun anymore.

All you have to do to the honey is warm it. DONT add water. Honey in it's pure form won't ever expire, but if you add water, it will mold.

The shoes? I'm pretty sure my gramma had those same ones. In dusty pink. Gross.

Cathy said...

Can you even imagine ME with an Etsy shop? I don't think so. I'm nowhere near cool enough to have my own Etsy shop. I think I'll just make lots of bows and try my hand at door to door sales. I sold Girl Scout cookies like that back in the day.

colds1 said...

Supposedly rompers are IN - I don't get it.

And those shoes are ugly.

I hate having sick kids, too. And I love that your friend didn't tell you how high Cate's temp was. That's a good friend.

And those shoes are ugly.

Glenora said...

I will buy some if I can store them at your home until Christmas!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I am freaking out about the 104 temp! But, my niece and nephew had fever induced seizures several times, so that's why.

I love all pictures of your kids. You win for cuteness factor! I love them jumping!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Okay, a few things.

1. You little blurb on your header made me laugh. Congrats.

2. Honey goes in the microwave, or mixed with butter and some powdered sugar for "honey butter" that I could eat with a spoon if I had to. For like survival, or something.

3. Everything is ugly right now. I need new clothes badly, something I finally admitted after looking at photos from years ago with me wearing cheap ol' t-shirts that I still wear every day. But. I can't do it. Between jeggings(are you serious??) and boat shoes and lame sweater'y vesty things that my mother wore in the 80's and never stopped, I won't bend. Until some semblance of taste returns to fashion, I'm on strike.

Glenora said...

I would totally wear the jumpsuit and shoes. I like them.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

P.S. If you microwave honey, it loses all good stuff that is in it. Warm water is the way to go.

Marisa said...

So I was out shopping for some new spring dresses/skirts/tanks/whatever. Except not whatever. I picked up what I thought was a cute tank dress. Turned out the bottom portion was attached shorts. My mind shrieked "ROMPER?!?!?" and I put it back on the rack as if it was crawling with lice. Seriously? Some fashion should not return. That pantsuit and those shoes included. And jeggings. Say NO to jeggings. Maybe you can wear them if you're 12, but even then I'd think twice.