Sunday, January 9, 2011

nine on the ninth

numero uno: Special K with strawberries for breakfast. Except for me it was just Special K. No berries. Where were all the berries? That's why I buy that cereal. For the berries. I'm thinking there are a few kids in this house who sneak into my Special K with strawberries and pick out all the strawberries. That's just a hunch.

numero dos: Woke up to fresh powder. Thanks to the snow plow driver for coming down our street so early in the morning and waking me up. Otherwise, I would have had to wait until a decent hour (like 9:00ish maybe) to find out that it snowed while I was sleeping.

numero tres: Horizontal bed head. That takes talent, people.

numero cuatro: The mess that stayed on the table all night long and into the morning. Those sequins haunt me.

numero cinco: The ear plugs I found under my bed last night. That's why the mess didn't get cleaned off the kitchen table. Cleaning under my bed was a big job. It wasn't pretty.

numero seis: Danny's bed time story last night and tonight. I'm prepping him for the big game tomorrow. After I read it to him he said, "Well, dat was a cute wittle book!" War Eagle!

numero siete: A shaving lesson. Is my little boy really going to be big enough to be shaving his face some day? Say it ain't so.

numero ocho: Dermatologist schmermatologist. My skin tag is gone. I took matters into my own hands and squished the life out of it until it yelled uncle and fell off my face. If you don't remember what it looked like, go freshen your memory (if you care about my skin tag, that is.)

numero nueve: The only picture of the day not taken this morning. (Having church at 1:00 in the afternoon, then having two cranky kids after church puts a damper on the picture taking. Do you really want to see pictures of cranky kids? I don't.) Playing in a fort with the cousins. I took this picture and Jarrett told me to not do that anymore because it makes them hot. You know, like the flash is so powerful it makes the temperature in the room rise. Whatever.


Dan said...

1. Don't blame me. I didn't take them.
3. Talented indeed!
4. I HATE those sequins! Why do we have them?
5. They were really gross when they were covered in dust.
6. War Eagle!
7. I'm impressed that you avoided being caught in the mirror.
8. Hooray!

Cathy said...

#8...I know, right?

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I saw how to remove skin tags on Dr. Oz. I vomited a little.

Hunnygrams said...

Will you please enlighten me on what appear to me to be two Auburn mascots -- both the war eagle and the tiger. Oh, and what an exciting game last night!

Dan said...

The two mascot thing also confused me, along with everyone else. Here's my explanation:

Auburn's nickname is the Tigers. Their main mascot is Aubie the Tiger. He's been around since 1959 as a cartoon character, and 1979 as a costumed character.

"War Eagle" is Auburn's battle cry/slogan/greeting. It's kind of like saying, "Go Cougars!" No one really knows where it came from, but they say it A LOT. In 1960 the university got an eagle to show off at football games and such. The current eagle is the seventh one they've had. I can't remember his name (mayber Toomer?) but the sixth one was named Tiger. Since he also represents the university, he counts as a mascot, so Auburn has two mascots.

Cathy said...

Nicely done, Dan. You saved me from having to write an entire blog post about it! War Eagle, Grama Hunny!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I'm so proud I knew most of that from when you explained it. I was able to explain it to Carl.

Yes, "Roll Tide" commercials were nonstop here for a few weeks.

I am so glad Auburn won! I wish I could have stayed up for the whole thing!