Tuesday, November 9, 2010

nine on the ninth

oatmeal for breakfast for me
smelled better than it tasted
I'm more of a cinnamony-raisiny oatmeal lover.

toast for breakfast for her
after she spent the night in my bed
(more on that fiasco later)

leaves, leaves, and more leaves
a few of them were dusted with snow in the morning
raked some of them during nap time

killing time by making goofy faces
early for the dentist
possible cavity...drat

waiting for Costco to open
early again
bought raspberries...Cate loved them

played with Legos
not Star Wars this time
skeleton horse is my favorite

made an appointment with the eye doctor
need new contacts
can you spot my skin tag/eye booger?

watched one of my shows while kids slept
Scratchy kept my legs warm
and then I went out and raked leaves

did some dinner prep
also during nap time
you can get lots done when nap time lasts for 4 hours

Also done today but not pictured:

changed the litter in the kitty poop box
bought cotton balls at Target
washed dishes twice

I know.
Quite an exciting day.


Cat Glazner said...

I actually AM! It feels like you got a lot done that day!!

colds1 said...

Four hour naps?! I am totally jealous!

Cathy said...

Would you like to also be jealous of the late bed time that resulted from the 4 hour naps? I didn't think so.

Judy said...

How late? I doubt it's later than my kids have been doing lately. And i think you inherited the skin tags on the face from mom.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Lovely pictures. What tv show were you watching? I notice you cut it out so I couldn't see.

Cathy said...

9:30ish last night. Skin tags are from Mom for sure. I was watching Castle and I certainly did cut it out so you couldn't see it. I'm so ashamed that I watch that show.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I have seen Castles listed on "On Demand" but never watched. I will be sure to check it out! ;)

Miranda said...

Pretty pretty. I especially love the picture of the red pepper.