Thursday, November 18, 2010

to do list: easy scrappy wreath

I'm not a crafty person.
I'd like to be.
I think I kinda sorta used to be.
And then I had kids.

But it's ok.

I have a to do list.
It might never have anything crossed off it, but I keep a list anyway.

Here's my latest addition.

Easy Scrappy Wreath

Remember my friend, Arlene?
She has a blog.
She also has a dog.
And she's crafty.
And really nice.

Her scrappy wreath looks like something I could do.
I know how to use a pair of scissors.
I know how to tie knots.


If you want more good stuff,
check out the recipes and crafts on her sidebar.
Did I mention that she's crafty?
She is.

I can't wait to try her pumpkin sheet cake and a few Oreo truffles.

And I know Cate would be adorable in one of these little girl tutus.
(hint hint)

So there you go.
Check out her blog.
Make a scrappy wreath.

Be crafty.
Be happy.
Make some Oreo truffles.
Share one with me.


Kate Daly said...

When you do the scrappy wreath. . . count me in. I need some craft-direction in my life. . . and I'm pretty sure you're the person to Craft-It-Up with :) Love ya!

Cathy said...

You got it, Kate! I'll craft-it-up with you any day!

Amber said...

That looks easy and like something that would fit into my crafting realm, since I too try to be crafty but often fail. I think that gene skipped me, seriously. My friend made a concept of something like this and made a garland out of it. It looked neat as well.