Wednesday, November 17, 2010

she's my little girl

I've had many conversations with Jarrett about when babies stop being babies. We decided that when they start walking, they aren't babies anymore. They become toddlers. This morning I put Cate's hair in two pig tails. Then I looked at her and decided that toddler girls stop being toddlers when all their hair fits into two pig tails. Just look at her. Is it just me or does she look like a big girl now?

Cate has started to say awesome. It's adorable. Awesome, Danny! Awesome!

It's just about darn near killing me to let her "help" me with the dishes. I don't know why I bother to just take off her shirt. She should be in her birthday suit with a big plastic tarp underneath. She gets the job of rinsing. I fill up her side of the sink with warm water. She then proceeds to pour that water back and forth between clean cups and bowls. Sadly, the water doesn't stay in the sink. She's learning a valuable skill though, right? I'm learning patience, right? Look at all the fun we wouldn't be having if we had a dishwasher. That's me, looking on the bright side.

I was raking leaves a few weeks ago. Cate dragged over the small garbage can and started picking up leaves and dropping them in. I didn't even ask her to help me. Sometimes that kid just makes me proud.

Cate enjoys saying the prayer around here, family prayers and dinner prayers. Even if she's not the one asked to pray, she goes right ahead and does it anyway. Most of the time, she folds her arms and sort of closes her eyes and starts with "Bessing uh home." Our home must be very blessed with all the prayers on its behalf.

A few days ago I was driving in the car with Cate. My Tom T. Hall CD was playing. I skipped over to Sneaky Snake because I thought she'd like that one. She did. When it was done playing the first time she said, "Neaky Nake!" I played it again. Once again, "Neaky Nake!" Almost brought a tear to my eye. Makes me proud that she appreciates good music.

Today we were driving in the truck and I turned on the Christmas music. She yelled from the backseat, "No gong! Hurt mine ears!" Sometimes she doesn't appreciate good music. It just hurts her ears.

I've been contemplating changing her crib into a toddler bed. Proof that I am indeed going crazy. Who in their right mind would let a kid out of a crib before she even knows how to climb out? Crazy parents, that's who. I was hoping it might aid in the bedtime trauma that occurs around these parts on a fairly regular basis. For today, it's still a crib. And I'm still crazy.

Cate thinks you can't see her if she covers her eyes with her hands. Oh, if only it were that easy.

My little girl has a baby in her tummy. Just ask her. She'll tell you. It's a girl baby. "Mine-uh have a baby in mine-uh tummy. See? Peel it." Then she rubs her tummy and wants you to rub it too. If you ask what the baby's doing, she says, "Kickin'! Kick. Kick." She's not actually sticking a baby doll under her shirt. That would be funny though. It's just her pot belly that she's convinced has a baby inside. I totally blame her Aunt Judy for this one.

"Oh! My! Doss!" is frequently heard coming out of her little mouth. You know, oh my gosh. I love it.

Cate doesn't like wearing jeans. She sees me pulling them out of her drawer and immediately tells me that they hurt. Jeans hurt. I think it's because they aren't very comfy on her big belly. She prefers her stretchy pants. I can't blame her though. Most of the time socks and shoes hurt too. They're the right size. They just hurt.

She calls sneezes "bless you's."

Almost every morning, Cate yells over her shoulder, "See ya, Missa Tato Head" as she runs out of her bedroom. That's the thanks I get for changing her night time bum and getting her dressed up all spiffy and cute. She calls me Mr. Potato Head. Lovely.

When we drop off Kris at school, we say our funny good-byes. See ya later, alligator. After while, crocodile. And my favorite, see ya soon, baboon. Cate loves it. I love it when Cate says her good-bye. Most of the time it's "See ya, baboon." I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know what a baboon is. Makes me laugh anyway.

She's my little girl.

And I love her.


Janell R. Cropper said...

This post just makes me happy, and lots of things she says remind me of Steven. So fun :)

Judy said...

Awww, i love her too. She's so sweet and cute.

Joy McMillan said...

Oh, she's practically edible! Love those eyes!! And the blossom top :)