Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ten things that make me happy

1. This kid

2. Waking up to snow on May 24th (am I the only person who doesn't love summer?)

3. Danny's reaction yesterday morning when I went into his room to tell him it was snowing "Snow! That's my favorite!"

4. Being a slow poke at planting my flowers this year and not having them be frozen to death yesterday morning

5. Finding yogurt on sale for only 25 cents each at the store on Saturday

6. Having a little girl who sat still long enough yesterday for me to paint her fingernails (makes me feel like my purpose as a mother of a daughter is really starting to be fulfilled)

7. Only one week until Danny starts summer preschool (hoping he's going to be happy about it too)

8. A new season of The Bachelorette (crossing my fingers for Chris H. and Tyler M.)

9. Buying new jeans in a single digit size (that actually made me really really really happy)

10. Having a child who actually enjoys eating dinner (although I question my judgment about feeding her saucy noodles)


Dan said...

A few things that make me happy:
1. Reading your blog.
2. Seeing pictures of my cute kids.
3. My wife making my lunch.
4. Diet Coke, no ice.
5. Playing on the computer, while my wife watches The Bachelorette.

Dan said...

6. Making comments on my wife's blog.