Sunday, March 28, 2010

my deepest apologies

Sorry to anyone who stayed up late last night checking this blog over and over again for the twelve years ago today post I had previously promised. It didn't happen. Dan and I were busy spending time with the family in the Ogden Temple. It was a lovely afternoon.

We ditched the kids for almost 7 hours (the longest ever for me...not counting all the hours I was away from Cate when she was in the hospital for 3 weeks...and not counting all the hours I was away from Danny because I was in the hospital birthing his baby sister...and not counting all the hours I was away from him the two days after that recovering from birthing his baby sister).

Danny and Cate spent those 7 hours playing with Jarrett and Kris at their house. I worried about them for most of those 7 hours. I really didn't need to, I know. That didn't stop me from worrying anyway. They didn't even seem to want to go home with us when we finally picked them up at Judy's house at almost 9:00 last night. Thanks for taking good care of them, Judy and Kris and Jarrett and Dave. And Danny would probably want me to add a little thank you to Maggy and Lucy (the dogs).

I'm pretty sure Cate had a good time. I swiped these pictures of her from Judy's facebook page.

If you look really closely in the pirate picture, you can see what else Cate was up to last night (or should I say what Judy was up to?). See Cate's toes? They're pink. Judy gave her a little pedicure. I can't believe Cate sat still for that. (Remember the last time one of her aunts gave her a pedi?)

I didn't notice the painted piggies until this morning. I might have noticed had we bathed her last night when we got home. We didn't. It was late and Danny was having a meltdown because I wouldn't let him watch Star Wars before bed. It was after 9:00 by the time we got home and I was pretty sure he'd already watched it 6 times at Judy's house that afternoon anyway. It was straight to bed for the both of them. Maybe Dan noticed (he's the one who put Cate to bed) but he didn't tell me.

The first glimpse I got of the little pink piggies was this morning as I was removing Cate's footed jammies to change her diaper. It was quite a surprise. You know how sometimes people say that babies are so cute they just want to eat them? Maybe nibble a little on their chubby cheeks? I totally understand that feeling because when I saw her little toes I couldn't resist. I nibbled her toes. I ate them. Just tiny little bits because I know she needs them. But I really had to have a bite.

See for yourself.

And now I'm pretty sure that she inherited her toes from her daddy. They're nothing like mine.


Right now Dan is asleep. Cate is asleep. Danny is taking a bath. I'm working on the pictures for my twelve years ago today post while the house is mostly quiet.

Stay tuned.


Judy said...

I'm quite proud of the mani-pedi that I gave Cate. She didn't love it, she tried to pull her fingers away for part of it, but didn't protest that much. Her fingers are done too, but they're in a very neutral light pink so they don't stand out like the hot pink metallic toenails. So cute. and while I was doing that Kris came over and whispered in my ear that he wants me to paint his toenails again like a did a couple of months ago, but not tell Jarrett because he will make fun of him for having pink toenails or orange toenails (I have a peachy orangey shade that he likes). There's a guy in my ward who gets pedicures and says that he gets metallic silver to match his Harley. Maybe Kris would go for that. It's quite manly.

Cathy said...

I did notice her fingernails too. They're sparkly and cute. You should probably keep Kris' toenail painting a secret from Dave as well as Jarrett.