Sunday, March 28, 2010

twelve years ago yesterday

Last week I was excited to share some of my wedding pictures on this blog. I started scanning and remembering that special day. Then I started to remember how much I hate my bangs in my wedding pictures. And how my dress needed to be about three inches longer. And how I really wish someone had patted a little powder on my face. But I'm going to try to focus on the good things of that day and not on how much better I think I could have looked.

So here we go...

Our first picture together as newlyweds, a smooch (and in the background, my friend Mooch), and more standing and smiling (while I do something weird with my fingers...and I'm not talking about the ones on the hand that's hidden behind Dan's back)

This next one is my favorite of my family that day. I have no idea what was so funny. I love my mom's face though. I can almost hear the laugh. Jenny obviously thought something was hilarious. Even Grandma cracked a smile. I just wish I could say the same thing for my dad. Oh well. I'm kind of wondering now exactly where the funny stuff was going down. Mom, Mary and Dad are all looking one way while Judy, Grandma and I are looking in the other direction.

Here's Dan's family looking smashing, as always.

I had to include this one of the gang because it's the only one with Kevin (future brother-in-law, second from the left).

This one isn't my favorite of my sisters and me. That one is framed on my wall right now. I don't have the energy to get it down and scan it. Sorry, Judy.

I love these next two. Dan and I with two adorable little nieces. And I love that I can see my veil. Braided pearls that fit so nicely around my curly bun. It took me forever to remove all the bobby pins holding that bun together. It was worth it because I loved that veil. I still do. It matched my earrings and the little pearly beads on my dress.

That's chocolate on my teeth in the second picture. And I think that's the exact moment Dan started having second thoughts about marrying me. Good thing it was too late to do anything about it.

Here's one of all the ladies. I really like Grandma's smile in this one. I'm just wondering why one of her arms is missing.

Here's me with my in-laws. I think I had just elbowed Tim in his belly to get him to smile nicely and not ruin the picture. I'm not sure if it worked.

A lovely photo of Dan with his siblings.

My handsome new husband, cutting the cake (and laughing because someone told us to just hold our hands like that while they took some pictures), and finally, Dan with his gorgeous new bride.
As I was scanning all these pictures, I kept thinking about what I would tell that new bride version of myself (in addition to, "For cryin' out loud, brush your bangs to the side!") if I could go back in time and just whisper some things into her ear. Advice. Words of wisdom. Maybe a joke or two.

Be nice, even when you don't feel like it.
Say sorry, especially when you don't feel like it.
Don't worry about how the toilet paper is hung.
Your kids will be perfect. They'll be worth the wait.
Be thankful you married your best friend. They make the best husbands.


Ella said...

Those were 3 great posts. Love the mom jeans. Love Cate dressed up. Love the bangs. Seriously, you look adorable. I think to celebrate your anniversary you should cut yourself some bangs again! And good words of advice! See you soon.

colds1 said...

I appreciate you including Kevin with the group shot -- he wasn't family yet, so he wasn't allowed in the pictures!

I don't think you should celebrate by cutting those bangs again, but at least they still looked good at the reception! How did you manage that when the rest of us got soaked by the rain and look like dried out rats! Even Tony's hair is doing something funky!

Christina said...

Love this post. Love seeing Mooch in the pictures. Love your words of advice. Love seeing you as such a cute bride. So glad you got to enjoy 7 hours (7!!!) away from the kids for your anniversary.

Judy said...

Awww, so sweet. You should've just cropped me out of the sisters pic. The rest of you looked good.

Ireland Family said...

Love the pics! Seeing Mooch in the background was great. I am glad I got to be there that was great!!! And, your words of wisdom are great.

Barty Family said...

Your grandma's arm is missing because she's hugging me:) You guys look so cute.

Barty Family said...

As I was looking at these it seemed like yesterday. I remember being really happy for you, but also really sad because I lost MY best friend. I'm just glad I thought Dan was so great.