Sunday, March 29, 2009

mini pedi

When we found out that we were going to have a baby girl I was thrilled. All those special mommy-daughter moments started going through my head.

Painting her toenails.

Putting her hair into little piggy tails.

Going to the mall to get her ears pierced.

Teaching her how to shave her legs.

Buying her first brassiere.

Picking out fabric together and sewing her prom dress.

I imagined her first pedi to be a cheery shade, maybe something called Cotton Candy Pink. I dreamed of how perfect her little toenails would look peeking out of her cutest pair of summer sandals.

I didn't paint them last summer. I'm not sure they make a nail polish brush small enough for those preemie toes.

Spring is here and so are my thoughts of those cute summer sandals and having my mommy-daughter pedi dream come true. Imagine my horror today when I walked into the room and saw that Aunt Cindy had painted Cate's toenails.

Not pink. Not red. White.

My Cotton Candy Pink dream was shattered.

Her hair is too short for piggy tails. Next on the list is getting her ears pierced. I asked Dan once how old he thought Cate should be when that happens. He said twelve.

She'll be twelve in 84 days. I'm sure he meant months because how could he possibly expect me to wait 12 years for that special mommy-daughter moment?

I know which earrings will be her first. Some sparkly little faux diamond studs. Only one color will do.

Cotton Candy Pink.


colds1 said...

It was a horrible paint job, so it doesn't really count. Want me to find you some Cotton Candy Pink polish? Perhaps with a matching headband flower?

Dan said...

I meant twelve years!

Cathy said...

You're too kind, colds1. Let's wait until her birthday. That way you can match the polish and the headband flower to her new sparkly earrings!