Friday, March 27, 2009

dinner with the Dicks

The Dicks were here. So were some Kemps, a few Hunsakers, a Dyck and some Olds. We had a mini family reunion on Tuesday night. We're just sad Grama Bama went home on Monday and missed all the fun. We could have added a Clark to the mix. Maybe next year.

The lovely lady holding Cate's hand is Helen Dick. She is my mom's cousin. Helen's mother (Helen Reimer) and Glenora's mother (Eva Reimer) are sisters. So Helen Dick and I (and Judy too) are first cousins once removed.

Helen (whose maiden name is Dyck) is married to John Dick. He's the snowy-haired fellow sitting on the arm of the couch. Dan, Danny and I met Helen and John this time last year. They are from Canada and vacation in Arizona in the winter. They were passing through Utah on their return trip home. We dined in their R.V. last year. Imagine the fun with little 16-month-old Danny opening every cupboard and drawer in their tiny R.V. kitchen. I have a headache just remembering it.

Helen contacted Norbert (holding Cate in the picture) this year and asked if we would like to meet up again. I decided that we should probably get together at my house instead of the R.V. That way we'd have room for Judy and the boys to come along and meet them too. Helen's brother, Jake Dyck, was along for the ride as well. He's sitting on the couch behind me in the picture.

In case anyone is wondering, Judy's husband (Dave) is out of the picture because he was at school. Jarrett is out because he was hiding behind the kitchen door. Dan is out because he was taking the picture...and because he makes fun of Canadians.

Cate with her first cousin twice removed

Danny, me, Jake and Cate

We had a nice time eating and chatting. I even got a new facebook friend out of it!

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Christina said...

Family reunions are always fun, no matter how you're related. Fun to find your blog, Cathy. Addie had a great time at the primary activity today.