Monday, January 25, 2010

a visit with grandma

We had a nice little visit at Grandma's house yesterday.
We ate yummy dinner.
Kids played nicely.
Grown-ups talked.

Cate spilled her water all over her shirt and pants.
I stripped her down to her diaper
and then she disappeared with Grandma.

When they reappeared, Cate was wearing this adorable outfit.
I'm talking almost-made-me-cry adorable.

Grandma also gave Cate a cute little animal print (maybe leopard?) coat
with pants and a shirt to match.
No pictures of those yet.
Stay tuned though because they are stinkin' cute.

Grandma is a top-notch stylist for my baby girl.
Thanks, Grandma! You're the best!

We had a fun visit. We should do it more often.

And then on the way home Danny puked.
Luckily I caught every last drip (and chunk) of it
in the towel that just happened to be on the floor.

Thanks for keeping me on my toes, Danny boy.
You're the best too!

Danny with his Grauntie Nancy (a.k.a. Nurse Nancy...he really calls her that)

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