Tuesday, January 26, 2010

fun for kids: snow ice cream

We got a lot of fresh snow last night.
Usually I'm not happy when that happens.
This morning I was.

I came across a recipe for snow ice cream a while ago.
I've been waiting for a few inches of fresh powder so I could try it out.

Plus, somebody has got to teach Cate the proper way to eat snow.
I've got to break her of this nasty habit.
(Sure, I could pick up the boots so she can't reach them. duh.
Sometimes I'm just not fast enough.
And when that happens I just reach for the camera.)

{please excuse that big blob of snot coming out of her nose}

I went into the backyard to find some clean snow.
A lot of the stuff in the front already had footprints tromped all over it.
(Plus, I didn't want the neighbors to see me scooping up snow with a measuring cup and putting it into a bowl. They already think I'm crazy. I don't want to flame the fire.)

I gently scooped off the top powdery stuff so as to not get any dirty old snow.
It seems kind of gross to me to be eating snow at all
but I was intrigued by the very concept
of snow ice cream.

After I scooped my fresh, clean snow (way more than the 8 cups called for in the recipe),
I transferred it to a bowl that could hold it all
and poured a can of sweetened condensed milk on top.

Note to self:
Buy sweetened condensed milk more often.
It's easier to make snow ice cream if you have a fresh can.
If it expired 4 years ago and is brown and really really thick, don't use it.

I added vanilla and stirred, stirred, stirred.
It ended up looking a lot like cheap ice cream with freezer burn.
And no surprise, that's what it tasted like too.
Put some sprinkles on top and the kids didn't seem to mind.

I think they kind of liked it.


Judy said...

Kris loved it. He said it was sooooo good. two times. It's the only thing he remembered from his day.

bryceandjamie said...

I read this post to Bryce and we both just sat here and laughed. I love it...who would think...snow ice cream!

Cathy said...

Judy, he ate two bowls of the stuff and still asked for more! You should make some for him next time it snows.

Jamie, you should try it...if you like the taste of cheap freezer burned ice cream.

Colorado Kid said...

Awesome picture of Cate! I like your bowls and sprinkles.

Cathy said...

Awesome is Cate's middle name, C.K. I like my bowls too. I don't like sprinkles.