Sunday, January 24, 2010

forty by forty

I have a plan. I call it Forty by Forty. It's my new lose weight/get healthy/exercise more plan. I recruited Dan to be a part of my plan. Actually, without Dan, the name of it doesn't make any sense. He'll be 40 years old in May. We're going to lose 40 pounds by his birthday. Ideally, we'd both lose 20 pounds. I introduced my plan to him as if we were a team (which we totally are...most of the time). I'm in it to win it though (no surprise there). I know he just loves that about me.

We started last Monday (I always start my lose weight/get healthy/exercise more plans on a Monday). We both weighed ourselves (on the not-so-reliable $5 scale from Target). I won't be sharing those numbers today (or any other day for that matter). Let's just say I'm a wee bit disappointed. I'm just going to blame it on my kids, not the Golden Yam Brownies I made (and ate) four times in 8 days. It's leftover baby fat from all that birthing I did in the past 3 years.

I found this site to help us know how many calories to eat each day in order to reach our goal. There's a spot to enter your age, height, weight (your actual weight...not the one you put on your drivers license), goal (there's even a choice of how to gain weight. duh. I don't need a little online calculator to tell me how to do that), and activity level.

We figured out how many weeks we had before the big birthday and decided to try to lose 1.5 pounds per week. And then the fun of tracking calories began. I'm not keeping track of fruits and vegetables. They don't come in little packages with the numbers printed on the back. If I go over my calorie intake for the day because of fruits and vegetables, I figure no harm done. It's better than going over because I ate two chocolate chip cookies (thanks a lot, Candis).

I think I ate my weight in celery one day. I've been drinking enough water to sink the Titanic. I've never eaten so much oatmeal in my life. I'm trying really hard to become friends with vegetables again. And I think exercise might actually kill us.

We strapped the kids into the stroller (much to Cate's chagrin) and got busy running/walking around the track. Eight times around is a mile. I got so carried away the first night that I made it to 17 before I realized that 8 x 2 = 16, not 18. Oh, well. No harm done. Danny's an excellent motivator too. Whenever I start walking he yells, "Run, Mama! Run!"

So there you have it. Please feel free to smack the cinnamon gummy bears out of my hand if you catch me stuffing my face with them. Go ahead and wag your finger at me and say tsk tsk if you run into me at the grocery store with Ben and Jerry's in my cart. On the other hand, don't hesitate to mention how svelte I'm looking either. And I'm sure Dan wouldn't mind if you notice how dapper he is.

Remember, I'm in it to win it we're in this together, Dan! You can do it!

And don't you just love our before pictures? The crappier the before pictures, the better the after pictures will look, right? We also took head-to-toe pictures. I won't be sharing those today. You'll have to wait for the grand finale to see them. Way too embarrassing right now. Let's just say I'm thinking about purchasing a girdle after seeing mine. Yikes.

From here on out, rolls, cottage cheese and muffin tops will only be used in referring to food, not the flabby parts of my body!

Wish me us luck!


Ella said...

I can't believe I even have to be writing this, Miss Cathy. I'm not taking pity on you, or trying to make you feel better. Just stating some facts. What are you talking about? I think you are SKINNY! I have no idea what you are seeing when you look in the mirror. I haven't looked at Dan lately but I'm hoping he has about 35 pounds to lose because I don't see how you stand to need to lose any let alone more than 5. But, whatever floats your boat, it's always good to eat healthier and exercise so, so be it.

Cathy said...

No pity needed, Ella. Just trying to get healthy. And don't worry, I'll let Dan win.

Candis Ellis said...

Cathy, it's going to be hard to be friends with an even skinnier version of you. Just saying. Haha!

I don't want you to lose any baking skills, you can just bring the treats to my house :)

Colorado Kid said...

I agree with Ella. You have that body dysmorphia whatever you told me I had once. :) You look healthy, happy, and strong! I feel like a moose next to you! I'm going to win, anyway, because you inspired me! (I hate my body weight in carrots yesterday.)

Cathy said...

Candis, my baking skills aren't going anywhere. I'll just eat one cookie instead of six. And then bring the rest to your house.

C.K., body dysmorphia is my middle name. I'm trying to exercise and eat better food (meaning way less sugar!). Is that so wrong? And you wrote that you "hate" your body weight in carrots! Me too!

Ella said...

You were serious and you know it. Ha. No, really, I really thought you had clinical body dysmorphia. Now that I read it in a new light, yes, it is indeed quite funny. As always. Which is sad because I make the best of friends with people who have clinical psychological problems. But I'm sure we can work something out. Perhaps we can both be diagnosed with SOMETHING considering we stopped at nothing to view all past episodes of LOST in an unnatural amount of time.