Sunday, January 17, 2010

a primary miracle

Ever since Danny became a Sunbeam a few weeks ago,
I've been saying lots of prayers.

By myself, of course.
But mostly with him.

Every night, beside his bed.
Mostly he just listens.
Sometimes he joins in.
Sometimes he suggests things for me to pray about.

For the past two weeks during our prayers
(each and every night and sometimes when he requests a prayer at nap time)

I've asked for him to be able to love primary

and to go by himself
(that's usually where he pipes up and asks that Daddy can stay with him)

then I pray again that he can go by himself
(and he pipes up again and asks for Daddy to stay with him)

then I move on and pray that he can have fun with his friends

and be happy and not cry

and learn fun songs with Glenda
(our neighbor who teaches the songs in primary)

and love his teachers.

Well, today it happened.

I walked with him to the primary room.
We went in together.
The primary president said something nice to him
(and called him Daniel).
I asked him where his seat was.
He showed me.
He sat down.
There were no other kids in his class there yet.
His teachers weren't there yet.
I told him I was going to my class.
I gave him a kiss.
He kissed me back.
I told him to be good and have fun.
He said, "O-tay."

And that was that.
He stayed the whole time.
His daddy was nowhere in sight.
He didn't cry when it was time to go to his class.
He learned a song about a snowman that he sung for me later at home.

the end

It's a miracle.
I couldn't be happier.

Then there's this kid.

She cried for at least the first 20 minutes of nursery.
Maybe more.
I could hear her.

Finally the teacher came and found me.
Cate promptly snuggled onto my shoulder
and slept for the remainder of the time we were at church.

I guess I know who I need to be praying for this week.


bryceandjamie said...

I think it's so cute that Danny wants to say prayers at nap time...and that he's been praying to stay in Primary (with his dad). But, that's great he stayed by himself. Good luck with Cate! :)

Cathy said...

Thanks, Jamie. I think I'm going to need all the luck I can get with that little girl.

Colorado Kid said...

Awesome! I wish I could spy on you guys at home. Is Cate like you were? ;}

Cathy said...

C.K., you can come over and be a fly on our wall any time! We'll just pretend you're not here. Is Cate like I was? I don't know. Crying, snuggling and sleeping? That's how I am all the time.

Ella said...

Cathy, that is awesome that Danny stayed the whole time! Jane seems to enjoy the new big-kidness of it all. And poor Cate. The time change is hard on the younger once-a day nappers!

Cathy said...

He owes me big time, Ella. This was just his way of paying up for the year and a half that he wouldn't stay in nursery (not your fault were a wonderful teacher). Now I'm just crossing my fingers that it wasn't a one-time deal.