Friday, January 15, 2010

kris and cate

I was in the kitchen (probably washing dishes). The kids were in the front room.

Kris yelled, "Cathy! Come in the front room! Hurry!"

I didn't hear any crying so I knew nobody was hurt.
Usually when he yells at me to come in the front room,
it's because he sees something on a commercial that he simply must have for his next birthday.

I didn't hurry so he yelled again.
"Hurry! Come take a picture of me and Cate!"

I grabbed the camera (it was just on the kitchen counter) and headed in.

So nice of him to recognize a good Kodak moment when he sees one.


Colorado Kid said...

Is this her future husband? SO cute!

Cathy said...

Oh, goodness! I hope not. They're first cousins for pete's sake. I guess it could work out if they lived in Mississippi or Arkansas...