Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the Christmas tree has scoliosis

It's bendy.
I've tried to remedy the problem to no avail.
I don't even care though.
I'm just going to let it have spinal problems and move on.
(Thanks for the tree, Kathy!)

It's all part of my
Give Up the Control and Perfectionism Plan.
Sounds like a good New Year's resolution but I'm starting now.
And I'm starting with the tree.

The lights are on.
I prefer all white.
Danny wanted colors.
(just like Judy's tree)
Colors it is.
Who cares?
Danny does. Not me.
(See how I'm already giving up control?)

The topper is not on.
I have an angel for that.
Danny wants a star.
(just like Judy's)
I can't find a star I like.
So for now, no topper.
Who cares?
Not me.

The pluggy thing at the end of the string of lights
is just dangling up there on top of the tree.
It was supposed to be hidden under the angel topper.
It's not.
(See how I'm giving up on the perfectionism?)
Someone please pat me on the back.
Hurry. I deserve it.

There is no tree skirt.
I have one.
I don't know where it is. I can't find it.
I'm not buying another one because I know I had one last year.
I'm not making one because I don't know how.
Good bye, perfection.
The tree will remain skirtless this year.

The ornaments are on.
I was stalling on that one.
I knew that as soon as I put them on,
they would be pulled right back off.
Danny kept reminding me that we needed to put them on.
(just like Judy's tree)
I am amazed at the lack of interest Cate has shown in touching the tree.
The most attention she shows is to wave good night to it.

The thing I like most about our imperfect tree is the skull.
Danny chose it in when we were in Mexico recently.
Blue, because it's his favorite color.
I think it really completes the tree and just blends right in with the other ornaments.




Candis Ellis said...

Yay Cathy! I am SERIOUSLY proud of you. Now...if I can even get my tree up! haha.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the skull! And tree skirts are just a bother. My favorite tree from when we were kids was a tiny, fat one-like 3 feet tall and 7 feet wide. We had to put it up on the box thing and the presents sat on the floor. I don't know why we had to have THAT one, but I am sure it was along the same lines as your colored lights. But, 30 years later (I really wasn't born yet, you see I remember from Heaven) I still remember that short tree. Maybe having spinal problems will keep the cats out? Its working for Cate, maybe it will work for Cindy? You could not only be letting go, you could be solving world crisisisisis. Way to go! Suzy

Dan said...

You're doing a great job.
I love the skull!

Hunnygrams said...

This post made me happy, Cathy. So much less stress when you can go with the flow. I always called the trees that were less than perfect, artistic. in fact, it's a great excuse for lots of less than perfect projects I have done. Perfectionism (not the eternal kind) can kill you!!! I like remembering about biggies and littlies -- it helps my perspective. Especially as a mom.
The skull is great--what a nice mom to let him choose.

Hunnygrams said...

Speaking of perfectionism, I didn't get "in" capitalized and I wasn't sure how to spell
littl-ies. :)