Monday, December 14, 2009

are you my muddah?

This has been Danny's book of choice for the past week.
I don't blame him. It's a good one.

I almost have it memorized since I get to read it three times in a row.
Each night. Remember?

Bee-duz I am freeee!

It's given me a good opportunity to try to help him understand our family relationships though.
In between readings, I quiz him about the mothers in our family.

Who is Daddy's mother?


Who is my mother?

Bama Bama!

Who is Jarrett's mother?

Aunt Doo-dee!

Who is your mother?

You are my muddah!

What's your mother's name?


But what's my name?


My other name is Cathy, remember? That's what Daddy calls me.

No, he calls you ma'am!

(Ha! I wish.)


Dan said...

Ma'am, thank you for your posts.
I enjoy them. May all of your wishes come true, Ma'am.

Candis Ellis said...

Ha! I don't believe you...Dan calls you ma'am, I know it :)

Maybe I'll work that with Jake.