Thursday, December 17, 2009

and the hostess of the year award goes to...

Good Food

delicious fajitas
this chocolate cake

Good Fun

kids running around making messes
grown-ups playing a game

Good Friends



7 kids
(ages 4 months-6 years)

Good Fa-la-la-ing

(by the man of the house)

(ok. so it's not technically fa-la-la-ing. More like humming. I couldn't think of a word for humming that starts with f to fit into my theme. Fa-la-la-ing it is!)

Thanks for a fun night, neighbors!

And the award for Doctoring a Photo to Make Yourself Look Younger and Thinner totally goes to me!
(My pride made me do it. I'm almost an entire decade older than Candis. Sheesh.)

With just a few clickety-clicks, I airbrushed the crap out of my wrinkles and freckles, added mascara and lip gloss, whitened my teeth AND made myself appear 30% thinner! (I would have added highlights to cover up my little sprouts of gray hair if the picture had been zoomed in.)


Candis Ellis said...

Haha! LOVE it! I will humbly accept that award :) And you are looking good! No airbrush needed BTW.

Okay, so now we have to keep the parties coming! Any excuse to make that divine chocolate cake. I'm sure our kids thought we were a little crazy playing that game, but that's okay! you think anyone notices that I am covering up that HUGE wet spot right on my 'shirt'? Well, now they do.

Candis Ellis said...

Oh ya, can we just pretend we are the same age, please? I don't want to be like a teenager, sheesh. Haha!

Cathy said...

I don't think I noticed that you were covering up a wet spot on your shirt. I'm wishing I had used that pose to cover up my extra chins. And you're not a teenager. I'm just almost old enough to be a grandma!

JCM said...

Seriously my dear sis, there is no need for airbrush on your pics. You look marvelous.

But just in case I one day need to use that fascinating tool, might I ask where I can find it? Would it happen to be the same place you found the Santa hats for the kids in a recent post?

Cathy said...

That fascinating tool can be found in the same place as the Santa hats!