Friday, November 6, 2009

what's on your mind?

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Yesterday, as a series of status updates

Cathy Clark Olds

...can hear her daughter "talking" in her crib. It's way too early for that. Stupid time change.

...can hear her son crying in his bedroom. It's going to be a long day. still hearing "talking" from the crib and now Danny is coughing instead of crying. Maybe it's time to get out of bed. Maybe not. still ignoring the "talking" from the crib and is still in bed. Could this please just go on for another hour? Please? looking at pictures from last year and thinking about putting them on the blog for Dan. He gets a little sad when there's nothing new on it. hearing Cate say Mama over and over again. no longer hearing "talking" from the crib. Could it be that Cate went back to sleep? Oh, that would be nice. getting out of bed now, against her better judgment. eating a brownie for breakfast. wondering why a certain 2-year-old boy is so destructive. Time to buy new blinds. adding a trip to Costco to today's agenda. Almost out of milk. And bread. And diapers. And bananas. And berry smoothies. trying to teach Cate what a monkey says. It's something she needs to know. listening to some brothers fighting in the front room.

...just cleaned up shards of glass from a broken lightbulb...the aftermath of the fighting brothers. Lovely. back from taking one of the fighting brothers to school. He said, "When I get to school, I'm going to find someplace to be alone for a while." Good idea. about to get in the shower. Two days in a row! It's a miracle! just finishing up the last few pieces of chocolate from her kids' Halloween stash. Leaving the plain M&M's and Butterfingers for Dan though. Yuck. off to the pizza store. Guess what we'll be eating for lunch. back from Costco. That was a real treat with three kids (read it with a hint of sarcasm). No berry smoothies today. Broken machine. Churros instead. No me gustan los churros.

...thinks it's time someone nominated her for Mother of the Year. We circled the block that the fire station is on 4 times so Danny could see the firemen over and over and over and over again.

...better go check on the kids. It's awfully quiet in there.

...just took 4 magnets out of Danny's mouth. What's up with that? really hoping the zit between her eyebrows clears up before family pictures on Saturday.

...would like to thank her daughter for making yet another mess. It never ends. Does it? Please say it does.

...just finished raking leaves for 45 minutes. Love you, fall. Hate you, leaves. really wishing someone else could have changed that diaper. Gross.

...just yelled at Danny to stop hitting his sister. His response, "But Cate is not talking." Huh? happy that nap time has begun for Cate. A few more minutes and she can say the same thing for Danny. Me Time, here she comes! (or since this is third person, should it be She Time? or Her Time?) thinking that getting bonked in the jaw by her son's noggin is not a good feeling.

...wonders if the clerks at the drive thru window at the Hart's gas station recognize her as a "regular." Do they know they're about to hear "Diet Dr. Pepper, please" as soon as they see the truck with three kids in the backseat and a crazy lady with unkempt hair in the driver's seat? watching her stories on Hulu. Still wishing she had a DVR though. Still enjoying the peace and quiet of sleeping children. happy to be able to pay someone to wash that gray right out of her hair tomorrow afternoon. It's gonna take a lot of washing because the amount of gray is monumental.

...just saw Candis' new granite counter tops and is feeling quite envious at the moment. watching Modern Family. Love that show.

...should really go fold some laundry. sad that Me/She/Her Time is over. Danny's awake.

...needs chocolate. Now. Time to raid the Halloween stash. totally digging Cate's bed head. sitting outside on the swing watching Cate crawl around barefoot. Who needs shoes in November anyway? back from eating too much chicken pot pie and way too yummy chocolate cake with the ladies. tired.

...wishes her husband would stop snoring. Good grief. Doesn't he know that people are trying to sleep around here?


Christina said...

I think you need a few more status updates for a certain section in your day. so glad she got to sit by such an awesome person during dinner.

...totally called out said awesome person for her unkind thoughts about others. so glad she went to the gathering with the ladies and thinks she should go more often.

Just a few ideas. :)

Cathy said...

Oh, Christina. You are totally right. How about adding one more.

...really needs that awesome person's recipe for chicken pot pie.

Dan said...

...just read another amazing blog post! wondering when Cathy will make another post. wanting to take a nap. Snoring wife keeps him up all night!