Sunday, November 8, 2009

days of the week

You know how sometimes blogs have different themes for the days of the week. Maybe a list of things they're thankful for on a Thursday. Or a bunch of favorites on a Friday. Or highlight a maven on a Monday. Here's a few more that I found floating around out there.

Meow Monday: I have no idea why she posts pictures of her cats on Mondays when the rest of the days are about food.

Free Template Tuesday: Candis, my personal photographer, neighbor and hostess with the mostest.

Wordless Wednesday: Because sometimes you just want to share a picture without all those words getting in the way.

Thrifty Thursday: A stranger. She seems crafty though. I like that.

Fashion Friday: Don't know her. Don't even read her blog. I was just looking for a Friday theme and found this one.

Six on Saturday: I don't know if this is a regular theme but it fit. I'll take it. (Hi, Christina!)

Sunday Sweets: Such talent.

I came up with a few daily themes of my own. What do you think?

Meatloaf Monday: I can share a meatloaf recipe every Monday. This way, my family will get dinner at least once a week. And who doesn't love meatloaf? I can even post pictures of Dan's meatloaf sandwich the next day (and try not to gag in the process since he eats it cold).

Terrible Twos Tuesday: Here's where I'll talk about all the fun stuff, like when your two-year-old plays in his room for two hours instead of taking a nap (despite several interventions on your part). Then when you finally go in to let him come out (don't want him falling asleep at 3:00 in the afternoon) you see that he is naked from the waist down and there's a little pile of something smelly sitting on the toy box. I've only got two more Tuesdays for this one. Then I'll just have to wait until June and highlight all the fun stuff my next two-year-old does. I can't imagine that it will be anything bad though. No way girls are terrible, right?

Banging My Head Against the Wall Wednesday: Self-explanatory. It seems to fit better for Wednesday because of the W's but it could be pretty much any day.

What Were You Thinking Thursday: You know, like when your two-year-old pushes his little sister off the toy tractor and she biffs it on the cement. What were you thinking? Or when that same two-year-old walks over to that same little sister (who is playing quietly by herself...a rarity) and shoves her so that she tips over and bonks her head on the floor. What were you thinking? I'm thinking Cate needs to start wearing a helmet (or one of these). And Danny needs to spend some time on the naughty chair.

Fabulous Friday: Here's where I report on all the fabulous things going on around here. It's good to recognize the positive, uplifting occurrences at our house. This day-of-the-week theme might not make it to the blog every week. It's touch and go around here in the Department of Fabulous (refer back to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). I'll start with these two little tidbits. Danny no longer says "but I don't wuv deesus" when I'm saying prayers with him and I mention Jesus. Fabulous! Cate has begun to blow kisses when saying goodbye. So stinkin' cute and so totally fabulous!

No Supper Saturday: Maybe a nice recipe of something my family will not be eating tonight, mostly because they will probably be eating grilled cheese sandwiches again. Or maybe it's because we'll start going out to eat (like at a real restaurant, drive-thrus don't count) and I won't even need to cook on Saturday anymore. I'll just share recipes that I think look good but have no desire to make. That one's still up in the air because of my kiddos' short attention spans at the dinner table and Cate's penchant for throwing food on the floor.

Go to Sleep Sunday: Where I discuss all the joys of kids not sleeping. Like how great it is to get woken up three times in one night by crying children (and neither one of them is a newborn). And how amazingly entertaining it is for me to guess how long nap time will be on any given day. So many choices, one hour? three hours? an hour and a half? How about the fun of a little boy getting out of bed several times to turn on the big light just so he can see his stuffed puppies. Maybe share the stories of Puke Fest '09 (how Cate decided to abandon her regular bed time routine for one that involves crying and puking instead of sleeping). The possibilities are endless.

Just some thoughts. I'm sure I'll just stick to Monday (because I just loooooove meatloaf) and Friday (because nobody really wants to read about anything besides all things fabulous). Hopefully I won't have any more material for the Sunday theme (because my kids are no longer sick...that was the problem, right?) or the Thursday theme (because Danny is going to learn how to be a perfect gentleman towards his sister). After the 20th I won't have any more material for the Tuesday theme anyway. That one's a goner. Maybe I'll take up tae kwon do or jiu jutsu or feng shui as a way to get out my frustrations and leave the walls alone (that'll get rid of all my material for Wednesdays).

Now that I think about it, I just might keep No Supper Saturday. Get ready, Cocolito's. Here we come!

p.s. Where do you think "two-year-old paints on his face so he can look like one of his cartoon friends" fits? I'm leaning towards Thursday but Tuesday could work as well.


Christina said...

I'd put the face paint on a Tuesday. Obviously you already know what he was thinking, he wanted to look like a cartoon friend, so it doesn't fit as well with Thursday. Kami at No Biggie is one of the sweetest bloggers ever- she shared some of her perennial starts with me this summer. Love the themes, but Pat hates meatloaf. Maybe one of your many recipes could convince him otherwise.

Cathy said...

You're so right, Christina. Tuesday it is! I'll get working on my first meatloaf post. I think my favorite recipe could make Pat change his mind.

colds1 said...

I am usually not a meatloaf fan, but I've had some of yours and it isn't bad. Meatloaf sandwiches? Yuck. I have a hard time making meatloaf myself because having to blend all that raw meat together with my hands makes me sick!

I'd probably put the face painting on Wednesday though because I don't think that will stop in 10 days. I often think of the head banging as similar to eye rolling which is all you can do when they do stuff like that. Well, that and grabbing the camera!