Tuesday, November 10, 2009

then and now


June 1997...young and dating



November 2009...old and married

Thanks to Candis for the now picture.
Where were you back in 1997 when I needed you?
Oh, yeah. Probably in junior high.

That's ok. You're here now.
And for that I am exceedingly grateful!

Speaking of
where were you back in 1997 when I needed you...
lip gloss?
fashion sense?
The list could go on and on.
I'll stop right there so I don't have to mention
padded unmentionables.

Please do not feel the need to leave a comment and add to my list.
Just bask in the beauty of improving with age.
There's been improvement, right?

Whatever...thanks, Candis!


Christina said...

So cute. Candis did an amazing job on the new, but the old is definitely a keeper picture, too!

Dan said...

You look beautiful then and now.
However, your blogposts have gotten much better!

Glenora said...

ahhhhh, Dan. How sweet.

Cathy said...

Thanks, Dan, seeing as how I didn't even own a computer or have a clue what a blog was way back then.

I know, Mom. He's terribly sweet isn't he?

Judy said...

Both are very cute, but you both are aging quite gracefully. And I just love that my kids are still all over her website. I need to have her take more so they don't disappear.

Ella said...

That picture (well both, but I am of course referring to the first) is so cute!!! And your posts have been cracking me up. But I usually only have one hand free so I don't comment.

Candis Ellis said...

Just so you know...it doesn't take a good photo to show how beautiful you are! You look awesome (then and now.) Oh, you too, Dan :)

I LOVE seeing you guys all young! So so cute. Love the blog update too!