Friday, September 4, 2009

in less than three minutes

just imagine my face instead of this crazy blond lady

Danny came to me (as I had my hands covered in soapy dishwater) and said, "Mama, I pooped. Right here." He patted the little bulge on his backside.

Lovely. He was wearing underwear.

I brought him into the bathroom and plopped him on the toilet.

"Stay right there," I said. I had to leave to get wipes. The package I normally keep in the bathroom drawer ran out last night and I forgot to replace them.

As I was walking out of the bathroom, I heard Cate let out a cry. It was more than her usual somebody-better-come-in-here-right-now-because-I'm-tired-of-playing-by-myself cry. It was more of an urgent scream. Something was wrong.

I rushed into Danny's bedroom to find that she had wedged herself between the big chest of drawers and the blue toy shelf. I pulled but she didn't budge. Her foot was stuck under the shelf. The crying got louder.

I yelled for Kris to come in and stay with her while I ran to get the screwdriver. Isn't that what you're supposed to do? Never leave the wounded person alone? That's what they do on t.v.

Kris came in and I told him what happened. "Stay with her while I get the screwdriver!" Kris started singing Twinkle Twinkle to her. The crying got louder again.

I needed the screwdriver because the blue toy shelf is screwed into the wall. Its shelves look like a ladder. I knew when I bought it that it would be very tempting to Danny to use it as one. Therefore, the safety screws.

I found the screwdriver and ran back to Danny's bedroom. As I passed the bathroom, I could see Danny still sitting where I left him. He was singing Polar Bear, Polar Bear at the top of his lungs. Cate was screaming at the top of hers.

I got the shelf unscrewed and pulled Cate out. I held her for a minute but by this point she was seriously ticked off. She did not want to be comforted. I brought her into the bathroom with me so I could get Danny cleaned up. Of course, I had to set her on the floor in order to help Danny. That made her even madder. She proceeded to pitch a fit and bonked her head on the tile surrounding the bathtub.

Oh, the drama of it all.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.


Dan said...

Is the crazy blond lady Angie or Erica?

Cathy said...

Be nice, Dan. I think they read this blog. If they don't, their daughter/sister does. And Erica is no longer blond. She has long brunette extensions now.

colds1 said...

Ahh, poor Cate! Even more, poor Cathy!

Dan said...

I didn't mean that Erica or Angie were crazy.
I just thought the woman looked like them.
Don't you think that it does?

Cathy said...

I guess the lady does look like Angie a little.

Christina said...

Some days are just rotten. I'm sorry this was one of those for you! I hope Cate is recovering, Danny is back to being potty trained, and you are recovering tonight with some sort of delicious dessert!

JCM said...

where was your camera during this whole fiasco? you're usually so perfect at getting shots of everything... :) I love you!

Cathy said...

Jenny, the thought did cross my mind to get the camera. I wasn't so sure I wanted pictures of Danny on the toilet or Cate wedged under a shelf in pain. I was freaking out too so they probably would have been blurry anyway!