Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the old west

Little Cowboy: When I grow up, I'm gonna live in the old west.

Crazy Aunt: You already live in the west. Utah is in the west.

Little Cowboy: No, not the west. The old west.

Crazy Aunt: Why do you want to live in the old west?

Little Cowboy: (letting out an exasperated sigh) Cuz that's where all the cowboys live!

Good luck with that one, L.C.
Good luck.


Dan said...

Can we call Kris L.C. from now on; I like it!

Who is the crazy aunt?

Cathy said...

If you want to call him L.C. then go for it! Are you allowed to use a semicolon if the part of the sentence before it is actually a question? The crazy aunt is me, duh!

Dan said...

I should not have used a semicolon. I should have used a question mark. I was just too excited to use a semicolon.

You're not crazy; you're beautiful and talented.

Hunnygrams said...

Great photo. Kris looks like one of my "country cousins" from the Uintah Basin that I would visit for a week or two each summer. It gave me a look at a totally foreign lifestyle where liveliehood depended on hard work and dedication and where livestock, crops, and watering turns trumped any other activity until taken care of. You go Kris!